SIE's two Presidents take a break in Gifu; Event on the first day of the "Zentame"

Shuhei Yoshida and Atsushi Morita provide insight on the possibility of Sony's first party studios to return to JRPGs during an event in Gifu.

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Fullmetalevolust471d ago

I'd love to see Wild Arms make a come back, I just loved the first one so much.

nitus10471d ago

Still, have the original game and it plays fine on my PS3. In fact, all PS1 games will play on a PS3 although you do need a PS2 or an original FAT PS3 to play PS2 games.

471d ago
Godmars290471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

A sci-fi JRPG akin to Mass Effect?

Actually, the bastard offspring to ME and PSO with focus on ships, exploration and mechs.

sinspirit471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

My favorite classic JRPG is Breath of Fire 3. I loved the various fantasy elements, artwork, and the transformation system.

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