Pachter: Xbox One X Won't Sell Well As It Costs 2X More Than PS4, Not Because of the Lack of Games

Wccftech - In the last episode of Pachter Factor series, Michael Pachter has stated that Xbox One X won't sell well as it costs 2X more than PS4. The upcoming Microsoft console, according to him, will not succeed when it is launched in the market on November 7th not because it does not have a sufficiently large launch title, but rather because of its high price.

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XiNatsuDragnel223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

High price + barely any exclusives that are Xbox only = not likely a seller.

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XiNatsuDragnel223d ago

I don't like pacther, on the contrary Everybody had those factors in mind.

LexHazard79221d ago

Not I dont have a problem with price or lack of exclusives.

DigitalRaptor222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

In the 2 years from its release, it will sell less than games and properties like Spider-Man, God of War, Gran Turismo Sport and The Last of Us Part II. You know... the good ol' important stuff that people are trying to pretend is not crucial and that doesn't matter so much, anymore.

That really shows the limited true appeal of a mid-gen hardware upgrade, being regarded as something more by a subset of gamers.

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supermonkeyfox222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Microsoft has exclusives. They have them from this generation and they have them playable from last generation with BC. Also its high price won't pull the masses in initially but gradually it will come down in price. Once the Ps5 arrives it will be half the price and have more games.

XiNatsuDragnel222d ago

Not Xbox only exclusive excluding the PC is my issue like PS4.

quenomamen222d ago

How dare you state the obvious, you trying to get banned ?

richie007bond222d ago

It funny when Pachter bashes the PS4 he's a relic and a idiot and doesn't know whats he's talking about...

rainslacker222d ago

No, he's still a disingenuous idiot who tends to be very narrow on his viewpoints. Like here, while he's partially right, I also think he's wrong on saying that the "lack of games"(as in exclusives) won't play a part. This is why the PS4 is outselling MS so readily through the whole generation. Or at least one of the reasons, because there is always more than one reason why a consoles sells more or less.....which again....Patcher ignores, thus making him an idiot.

FinalFantasyFanatic221d ago

The only time his right is when he states the obvious, the lack of games is a long term problem for the Xone.

DJStotty221d ago

The guy is an idiot regardless of what he predicts. When has he been correct?

Vizigoth04222d ago

I'll have to check online to see what else drops on 7 November but so far I know HZD: The Frozen Wilds DLC will combat the new console. I could only assume a price drop for PS4/pro the week prior.

UltraNova221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

No price drops until PSX at least. A 100 dollar PS VR and 50 dollar Pro price cuts would go a long way in uplifting people's interest again no matter when they announce!

nitus10221d ago

PS4s and PS4pro aside come the release of the XB1x on 7th November 2017 it is going to be almost $250 to $300 USD more expensive than the XB1s which will most likely come with some pack-in games as well.

Sure the XB1x will sell but it will mainly be to the enthusiast not to the most of the people who want a Microsoft console. Prospective buyers of Microsoft's console also have to consider fact that all games that will run on the XB1x will also run on the XB1s as well although if you have a 4K TV the XB1x would be attractive most of the buying public don't really know that and even if they are informed most retail stores won't demonstrate this difference.

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MegamanXXX223d ago

Unfortunately he's right. I don't see the One X selling more than 5 million in its lifetime

Bigpappy223d ago

Because you agree with him, does not make him right. I disagree with him. But that doesn't make him wrong. The I-Phone sells for $500 -$700. There are many phones that sell Between $100 to $300 that all do the same thing as the I-Phone, yet don't come close to it in sales. So price alone don't tell the whole story. I think this come down to how much of a difference people see when comparing games running on the X to the same games running on other systems. If developers can make there games that much more appealing on the X, gamers will surely gravitate towards it... despite the price. Pachter does really understand gamers, he is not part of this culture.

Apocalypse Shadow223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Big pappy, if Xbox fans like Xbox and the games, there's nothing wrong with that. I'm not even saying Pacther is right as I think he's a market manipulator who tries to influence the game community so that the investors he works for get paid. No analyst is as active as him in trying to influence the game industry to buy a certain way like he does.

Having said that, I'm an Android fan. And your thought on why iPhone sells is missing a key ingredient: iPhone is **popular** worldwide. Xbox one is NOT. iPhone sells because consumers think it's the Rose Royce of phones in its style, its iTunes music app and its functions. Xbox one is made well compared to last gen. But is not considered the Rose Royce of gaming consoles worldwide or has a feature considered a "must have." PlayStation is considered to be that with its hardware and its games worldwide. And, it sells like hotcakes between $100-$300 like you said.

If Xbox one is barely selling worldwide with price reductions, game bundles and with its top games of Forza, Gears and Halo not pulling in the numbers, what makes you think that more detail that will play the EXACT SAME GAMES as the Xbox One S for $500 is going to somehow wow consumers into buying it like the iPhone?

It will sell. But most likely to the same Xbox community and those who bought PS4 Pro(I have a base PS4) and an Xbox one and want that extra detail. And so far, that's not a large community based on estimated numbers of Xbox sales. Pacther may not fully understand gamers. But I think he knows something about business and popularity. And Xbox this gen is not **popular**(Microsoft's fault). Just like bluray to ultra bluray HD, there will be no mad rush to buy when games will only look "a little better" than what's currently on the market.

Bigpappy223d ago

Apocalypse Shadow: Ah, my long winded friend Shadow. I never said The X will sell like an I-Phone? I used Ii-Phone simple to make a point that price does always decide how a product will sell. I think the X will sell very well if games on it run better than other consoles. That's it!

Apocalypse Shadow223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

It will sell very well....initially.

Those who don't want to upgrade their PC graphics card for awhile and like Xbox, they'll get it. Those who have the best graphics cards on PC will just wait for the Windows release of games. Those who have Pro and an Xbox because they want the best you can get graphically will get it.

The rest of us who are fine where we are at will just stick with what we have and just buy games until next gen. Casuals will jump in to buy the Black Friday Xbox One S for $199. The rest aren't going to spend over $500 to play the same games.

PS4 Pro has enhanced games and is $399 and will play all multiplatform games not exclusive.
It sells 1/5th of all PS4s. And PlayStation is more popular. Xbox One X will sell. But don't expect high numbers. And don't expect Microsoft to tell you the numbers as they will only say "It's performing well."" We now have *X* many number of new players engaged." But it's unlikely they'll be giving away their sales for everyone to see. Even if they're great.

thekhurg222d ago

Phones are also used daily and even hourly by most people. They are integrated in the lives of the vast majority of the population.

Game consoles aren't used anywhere near that level.

letsa_go222d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow is ROLLS ROYCE. hahahahah Also, @Bigpappy, no one I know pays full price for an iphone. They usually get it discounted through their career or have the monthly payments put into their phone bill for 2 years. I think if people had to drop $500-700 to get a new iphone, no one would do it.

Dark_Knightmare2222d ago

Bro Sony a way more popular gaming brand coming off the most successful console of all time couldn't sell a 600 dollar console what makes you think ms as a chance in hell of selling the one x at 500

notachance222d ago

you can't compare games if it isn't on XB1 though

TheMuffDiver222d ago

Bigpappy nailed it! people tend to chase power and graphics. if the xbox x is a suffciant upgrade over the pro in detail and graphics and its easily distinguishable people will buy it.

Aenea222d ago (Edited 222d ago )


It's Rolls Royce, not rose royce....


It's carrier, not career! :p

PiperMCFierceson222d ago

Also iPhone or phones in general you can finance for $18 a month. You can compare that

chris235222d ago

can't really compare apple and microsoft. the xoxbox is a failbox.

OffRoadKing221d ago

And so far why haven't seen that much of a difference in fact we've seen many articles come out in the days since the xbone x reveal and its been surprising how many games cant do native 4k and 60fps on the system, to ask the price they're asking and to not have any real exclusives on top of the fact it cant do what they claimed it would do makes it not worth it.

nitus10221d ago

Bad example. Android phones sell to about 85% of the market while iPhones sell to 14.7% of the market. Obviously the iPhone is an Apple only product and any profits come directly to Apple while Android is a smart phone operating system that many manufacturers use so profits (if any) are split between manufacturers.

As for the XB1x let's compare prices. Come the 7th November 2017 the XB1x will release for a recommended retail price of about $500 USD while it is very likely the XB1s will be selling from between $200 and $250 USD with some pack-in games. That difference between the XB1x and the XB1s is quite significant and will turn the majority of purchasers in favor of buying the XB1s.

This is not to say that the XB1x won't sell it will but if you compare say the PS4pro to the PS4slim there is only a $100 USD price differential and come November I expect this difference to be approx $50 to $80 USD with the PS4slim being around the same price with pack-in games like the XB1slim.

Currently, the PS4pro is selling 1 in 5 PS4 sales (look it up if you don't believe me) and it may be possible although I doubt it, that the XB1x will sell similarly but that is going to be hard to quantify since Microsoft does not like releasing sales figures.

LAWSON72221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Nobody buys a phone for $500-1000 usually they either subsidize the price on contracts/leases/payment plans ranging from free to like $300 or they pay $20-40 per phone a month. Some people even upgrade frequently which can take more than half the price off that new phone.

The amount of people that dont finance or contract their phone is pretty slim, and this is the reason the big 4 carriers are the 4 big carriers. Even those that order their phone from Google often do payment plans.

Also people value their phone more than a game console, people believe these $800 phones will make their life better and easier. My point is dont compare expensive phones to consoles it is a totally different market.

letsa_go220d ago

@Aenea haha I tried to edit it but I took too long and the edit button was gone

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Gotcha5222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

It's seems that some of you Sonyslaves at N4Ponies Nation became Tarot card readers... Lawd a massi.
Someone please...tell Pachter why he couldn't inform Keighley and friends at Gametrailers was going belly-up?

222d ago
JackBNimble222d ago

Sure sure... but you xboners have that crystal ball and have been bragging about how much better your beast is then the pro for well over a year now. I mean sure you have specs and numbers but can we wait for the console to be released before you guy's run off claiming victory for MicroSoft.

FinalFantasyFanatic221d ago

You realize you don't need Tarot cards, cystal balls or the occult to have a somewhat reasonable predication as to how this is going to go down. Just look at the trends this gen and last gen, they'll give you a good guess at what will most likely happen. I swear some of you people have short term memories or just can't see patterns for some reason.

WePlayDirty222d ago

In it’s lifetime? lol. Troll

RosweeSon222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Me neither until it's outdated and the price drops by which point people will be moving on again ps5/switch 2 2020/2021 ;) Xbox will be lucky to clear 40-50 million this gen. sure they've nearly cleared 30 million or may have done but they seriously stalling on console sales Xbox live on the other hand money coming in regardless still sure they'd rather be selling 75/80 million consoles again however at this point they've got more console variations than they have worth while system selling console exclusive games and that's a major problem.

LexHazard79221d ago

Its only a problem for Playstation fanboys.

DoubleM70222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Are you kidding me... Do you know how many people are about to Trade in their X1 for the X alone.

DarXyde222d ago

Well, at the very least, Sony's PS3 and the Xbox One with Kinect prove that you can sell at least "okay" at a price tag that's an entire standard deviation (or two) above the average MSRP. The problem here, I believe, is that it's really just a glorified way to play the same games as is the case with iterative upgrades. Assuming it is well supported for a number of years, I'd wager 8 million at best, 3 million at worst.

It won't be a game changer now, but it does set a higher precedent for next generation console power for everyone. That is, Sony is extremely unlikely to launch anything with less than 12GB of RAM, a great GPU, and a powerful CPU for PS5. The same, of course, applies to Xbox.

I think Microsoft is keeping their expectations in check and the speculation surrounding One X by everyone else is what has real potential to make or break its public perception.

LexHazard79221d ago

No need to think....MS has already stated several times that they know Xbox One S will be their best seller and X will be for the harcore. So their expectations are in check.

LexHazard79221d ago

Youre off your meds if you think 5 mil is all X is going to sell "in its Lifetime"

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FallenAngel1984223d ago

Why would anybody think XOX would be a bigger seller than XOS

Eonjay222d ago

Even Microsoft agrees with you and they know that the S will be 200 come black friday soits a moot point to them because they know they will still be selling Xbox regardless.

Ashlen223d ago

Well the lack of games sure isn't going to help it.

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PFFT222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Lack of games??? The Xbox has about the same games the PS4 is getting minus the Japanese Shovelware and a hand full of exclusives. I dont see the the Xbox lacking any games truth be told.

222d ago
Aenea222d ago

It's 1292 (x1) vs. 1776 (PS4)

And 399 consoles exclusives is a tad more than a handful...

AsunaYuukiTheFlash222d ago

The best games of this gen came from japan Lol. Keep playing your western shovelwares 😂😂😂

bennissimo222d ago

Japanese games are for Japanese kids and Western neckbeards.

Trez1234222d ago

Japanese shovelware " you my friend should never ask yourself why PlayStation is the leading console worldwide. They have those shovelware you don't like but others do.

LandoCalrissiano222d ago

There's pretty much only 1 or 2 Asian devs I care about and that's square enix and Pokémon. The rest can be skipped.

gamertk421221d ago

I'm Japanese and I don't like most Japanese games, especially JRPG yawnfests.

yeahright2221d ago

Defending xbox where ever they end up no matter what is part of the reason why you don't get games. You disqualify anything that show PS having the upper hand and explain it away with some made up drivel like Japanese games being shovelware. Instead of doing that, tweet at Spencer and tell him that PS is getting tons of games and xbox fans deserve the same.
Essentially what people like you do is try and drag PS down instead of trying to build xbox up.

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PhoenixUp223d ago

Just how much are people expecting Xbox One X to sell?

Even with Xbox One S on the market, the Xbox One's sales didn't dramatically increase like the PS3 Slim impacted PS3 sales.

Yet somehow a more expensive premium option is supposed to do a better job at increasing the install base?

Even the majority of PS4s being sold now are the slim model with the Pro selling accounting for 1 in every five base model.

RosweeSon222d ago

3-5 million at best id day ;)

Aenea222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Probably 1 in 5 every new Xbox One sold come November is a One X, just like with the PS4 Pro...

So in the next 4 years X1 is selling 30 million, a fifth would be 6 million then...

If Sony sells as many in the next 4 years as they've done in the previous that's another 60 million PS4's of which 12 million will be Pro's....

DoubleM70222d ago

It's not aimed at casuals but the Hardcore. They betting on word of mouth from the hardcore to tell the casuals whats better. It's called the trinkle down effect. When you see the COD and BATTLE Fields running on the X looking tens times better than the Pro than you will know.

choujij221d ago

Looking tens times better? Lol Yeah, and I suppose you thought base PS4 was looking ten times better than base Xbx?

Some of the wishful thinkers on here really border on being delusional.

nitus10221d ago

I suggest you take a look at the screens hardcore gamers use for shooters. Normally the screen will be between 24" and 27" with a resolution between 1080p and 1440p. This is so the player can comfortably see the whole screen at a glance. Sure it is nice to have 4K resolution but when you are playing an FPS game frame rates and low response times are much more important than a photo realistic picture.