Breaking Down Why Breath of the Wild is Highly Overrated

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It's been just over five months since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild opened to a landslide of perfect scores from the media at large. I was beginning to think we as a gaming community had gotten past hyperbole, but many have been quick to declare this the best Legend of Zelda game, the best open world game, and the overall best game of all time.

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Travis3708227d ago

I'm a big Zelda fan and I can honestly tell you BOTW is overrated. Now before people start downvoting me and getting mad just know that I love BOTW, but it's far from the best Zelda game or even close. The game is lacking in content, the enemies are the same, but with different colors and the final boss (Ganon) is disappointing. You would think after those easy 4 divine beasts he would give a better challenge. When you complete 50 shrines it's no reason to do anymore since every shrine has only minor differences. The side characters are boring and lack any support. The world is dead and empty and the game has a lack of music previous Zelda games had. I completed this game and would give it no higher than a 9. It does not deserve those 10/10's or that high 97 score on Metacritic.

EddieNX 227d ago

Theres a huge variety of enemies and animals, the only shrines that are similar are the combat ones, the world is teaming with things to do, collect, discover etc. Theres a sense of freedom and creating your own path thats unrivalled, the music is fitting for the wild rather than in your face hyrule field over and over. The physics and combat and general gameplay are flawless.

Its not supposed to be like the old Zelda games, its about exploration and survival and realistic physics. I give it a 10 all day. Its much better than most games apart from a handful like GTAV and Skyrim when they first launched. Its not surprising at BOTW has a 97 on Metacritic.

Shin-Zantetsuken226d ago

BotW is definitely one of the most overrated games in the history. It has so many flaws and problems that other games get destroyed for but BotW got a free pass on them. Major frame rate drops, muddy textures, poor antialiasing, lack of enemy variety, lots of palette swap creatures, lack of story, lack of character development, poor combat system, poor loot system and many more issues.

It is so unfair to other games that reviewers automatically give a 10/10 to every major Nintendo release without properly considering its flaws and merits. I wish someday the gaming industry and media wakes up and stops giving Nintendo the special treatment and free passes for everything just because they "saved" the gaming industry 30 years ago or just because they used to love Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64 as a kid.

Shiken226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

BotW is easily GotY and one of the best games we have seen in over a decade. The open air concept may not be for everyone, I get that. But the quality of the game is undeniable.

It deserves all of the praise it gets. Most of the nay sayers are either pissed off fanboys from other camps who have never played the game or old school Zelda fans who just want a traditional Zelda title. The old school fans I can understand, this type of gameplay may not be their cup of tea. There is a lot to be desired if you prefer a more linear, story driven dungeon crawler.

With that in mind however, no game is for everyone. This is why I say ONE of the greatest games in over a decade. Someone else may say Uncharted 4, Mario O, Anthem, or Witcher 3. These are all different types of games that are on the same level, but they all have haters for one reason or another.

For me, BotW is my game of the gen. I do not expect everyone to feel the same way, but the guy in the article is clearly trying to reach for clicks and nothing else. He contradicts himself left and right and can't even write a structured article. Just the first few paragraphs are enough to give me a headache.

Again, everyone has their opinions. However this article is clearly clickbait saved for a slow day.

Just my 2 rupees...

k2d226d ago

More than anything, the game lacks replayability and late game challenge.

The missed opportunities that are shrines is a chapter of itself.

Dispite all the shortcomings it is still contender for GoTY

Vegamyster226d ago (Edited 226d ago )


What games exactly get destroyed? Bethesda's Tes/Fallout have far more technical issues & awful melee combat but always score high, GTA5 on the 360/PS3 had framerate that could hardly hit 30 fps consistently & muddy visuals with lots of aliasing but got a 97/100, MGSV had great gameplay but one of the dullest open world in recent memory yet it still got a 93/100 ect.

Aside from the framerate which was only bad in a couple areas of the map and during large explosions, it was pretty much a bug free game with an excellent art style that does a good job hiding blemishes. Enemy diversity could be better but the combat system while not super deep is not poor, it's not TeS bad lol. Those points also ignore other things that the game does well which is the reason people enjoyed the game so much, the point of the game is to just explore and experiment with the rule set you're given.

You could nit pick any game that receives lots of 10's and ignore why people like the game, it comes down to personal preference.

psyxon225d ago

Lol. GTAV is just as bad as Botw when it comes to games getting scores they don't deserve based on name alone.

indyman77225d ago

This game got more 100% scores than all other scores combined. This game got 100% scores from sites that rarely give out 100% scores. Maybe it is the HATERS that dont want to give credit where it is due. This is click bait DESTRUCTOID.

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narsaku226d ago

BOTW is factually one of the greatest video games ever created. Your inability to see that simply because it's not doing what you've grown to expect from the series is a really conservative, un-evolving, poor excuse.

Eonjay226d ago

That's like saying someone has to hold it in the same esteem as you.

bluefox755226d ago

I don't think you know what factual means...

narsaku226d ago



of or relating to facts; concerning facts:
factual accuracy.
based on or restricted to facts:
a factual report.

I don't think you know what the word means. :/

Unless of course you're implying it's not one of the greatest games ever made, when it's universally considered so... Here's a tip. You can personally dislike a game even if it's critically acclaimed. But you should still be able to recognize why it's loved.

You can't, because you don't want too. That's being a hipster, btw.

narsaku226d ago


Absolutely not true.

You don't have to like the game, but if you know enough about video games to give an intelligent opinion about them, you'll clearly see why the rest of the world outside of N4G/your preference loves the game.

Remember, I didn't say greatest game ever made. But it ~is~ one of them.

Arguing that doesn't change the fact.

narsaku226d ago


Yep. It's a word.

*scratches head*

..Feel stupid yet?

Razzer226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

Nope. I understand it's meaning. You do not, obviously. You posted the definition and still don't get it.

jznrpg226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

Factually is the wrong word , arguably could work but it's not in my top 10 and I really like it. It's all opinion

Eonjay226d ago

Something even evaluated as 'great' means that a subjective lens was placed over it to get to that outcome. Only numbers can be greater without subjective interference. He said that according to his subjective lens, he evaluated it to be less than its predecessors. His opinion and the opinion of those you mentioned are both factual according to your own definition. There are no excuses here. He explained his opinion and it can be a factual account without being the same as anyone elses. Proof: the non-conservative, evolving changes of BotW may not be to his liking. Can't tell you how many times a game got changed and it upset fans.

ziggurcat226d ago

@narsaku: your opinion != fact.

shaggy2303226d ago

"It is so unfair to other games that reviewers automatically give a 10/10 to every major Nintendo release without properly considering its flaws and merits"

Your joking right? there are loads of Nintendo games that have been reviewed poorly.


I love the game and in the end I'm extremely glad Nintendo released it on the Wii U! It
's like, Nintendo is like we messed up with the Wii U, we used you as guinea pig's to make our good console, here's a great game don"t hate us.Lol!

KwietStorm226d ago

The *fact* that people are arguing the statement of being the greatest or one of the greatest games ever made, literally refutes your own statement about being universally accepted as such. So not only do you not know what factual means, you actually go on to disprove your own point. It doesn't get any better than that.

AJBACK2FRAG221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

You've got to keep in mind the series was dying in Japan and losing interest in the west. Nintendo was able to flip over the coffee table and revive the whole action rpg genre. What Nintendo ended up with was, despite you guy's minor gripe's, to me another masterpiece. Nintendo will be using this game engine for a very long time tweaking it, twerking it, improving it... video game's as art? F U I'm soaking in it!!!!! Here's the scary part, what's next for our intrepid hero's and our most vile of villain's!!!! I was freaking out hard as cut scene's let the story unfold. I guess I'm easily amused.

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Summons75226d ago

"The world is dead" Yup, generally happens when the world ends and everyone is barely living and constantly in fear that Ganon will break free from the castle. Nothing to do after 50 shrines? Yeah, suppose we can ignore Link's green outfit. The sense of freedom is fantastic and different colored enemies is no different from other Zelda games. My biggest complaint was the Divine Beasts. I agree that it's not the #1 Zelda game out but it deserves all the praise. It's the first open world game I've had fun with in a long time.

226d ago
hamburgerhill226d ago

Definitley not overrated! You can hate all you want but no other game on any other platform (playstation or Xbox) can hold a candle to BOTW!

MrFisher21226d ago

Lmao. C'mon now. Let's be realistic here.

jznrpg226d ago

Xbox this gen sure, but PlayStation has a lot of great games that are comparable or better depending on who you ask of course

DialgaMarine226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

If you're gonna make such a claim, at least have some sort of metric:

For example, Graphics? If you really think NOTHING on PS4 holds a candle to it graphically, then well... Ignorance is bliss and we're all entitled to it.

Dark_Knightmare2226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

Dude I would take horizon,witcher 3,bloodborne,Uc 4,persona 5 and halo to name just a few over botw any day

hamburgerhill226d ago

You guys would take anything on Playstation just claim its the best thing. If you want to be realistic why not talk about how overratted Horizon is. Lol

Aenea226d ago

"why not talk about how overratted Horizon is"

Alright, talk about. What do you think of Horizon Zero Dawn after playing it?

EddieNX 226d ago

Horizon is only better graphically so is the Witcher 3, BOTW is blatently better in every other aspect not to mention the art style is beautiful.

ninsigma226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

The guy says he'd give it a 9 yet you say he's hating. Wow 😂

Horizon is better than BOTW in every way. Better graphics, characters, gameplay, story, side quests, World and enemies. Yes BOTW has a beautiful art style, totally agreed there.

hamburgerhill226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

"Alright, talk about. What do you think of Horizon Zero Dawn after playing it?"

Uhmm....lets see, well so much to remember. Oh I got it! It's overrated and if not for graphics you hating little trolls wouldn't even be raving about it. ;)

"Dude I would take horizon,witcher 3,bloodborne,Uc 4,persona 5 and halo to name just a few over botw any day"

And that's why you're not a judge because you would have the victim thrown in jail even after watching the dang video!

EddieNX 226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

@NinsigmaYh no,Horizon is dog compared to BOTW lol. Try watch the BOTW vs Horizon videos on YT spoiler Zelda is a much better quality game. 97 >>> 89

ninsigma226d ago

Dog compared to zelda?? lmao you people make me laugh. If BOTW had any other name to it other than zelda it would be called what it really is, a sub par open world game. Poor story, bad fighting mechanics, breaking weapons, poor performance in places, boring world, uninteresting side quests. Having played both, Horizon is a far better game.

Oh you mean that 97 score given by people who are just as blind as you?? Yeah, I'll take that score with a pinch of salt. This breakdown really hit the nail on the head for me.

Now I'm not saying you're wrong for enjoying BOTW. That's you're opinion which is in no way wrong, but objectively speaking, it's in no way a master piece, or even the best zelda game. Can't wait until the look backs in the future and you'll all realise how mistaken you were, just like with skyward sword.

Aenea226d ago

"It's overrated and if not for graphics you hating little trolls wouldn't even be raving about it."

So, you haven't played it then since you clearly can't come up with anything gameplay related...

FYI, I have both a PS4 and a Switch and played both...

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-Foxtrot226d ago

The problem is the reviews praise this game for X, Y and Z which they'd downplay or criticise in other games while overlooking the issues they'd have a problem with any other time

So to do that and compare it to their reactions to these same issues in other games while still giving it s perfdcf score...well it's insane and hypocritical whatever way you look at it

PhantomTommy226d ago

Alright, but you have to give examples. I see people say that BOTW gets a pass while other games don't but they never explain what they mean, and you literally just wrote X, Y and Z in place of actual words.

MrFisher21226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

Opinions do not need examples. This is why it is an opinion. A thought. People get so butthurt about what others think. No one truly cares what you or I think. Get over yourself.

r2oB226d ago

@ phantomtommy

Most AAA titles that get reviewed for PS4 and Xbox One get many aspects placed under a lens. Such as how well the story is, how well character development is, does the game do a good job of explaining why the world if the way it is. Reading most of the Zelda reviews they seemed more concerned with the fact that you can travel to any place on the map that you can see, or that link can cook food, or weapons breaking. These are all cool things, but does a game get a 10 with little mention about story and character development (especially considering this is such a different Zelda game). It seems that in order for a Nintendo game to get a high score the game just needs to have solid gameplay, one stand out feature (like being able to go anywhere in Zelda, or Mario's hat trick), and be fun. That's it.

To me it's pretty obvious Nintendo games have a lower bar than the games they get compared to. If a AAA PS4/Xbox One game had the graphics of a Nintendo game, points would be deducted. If a PS4/Xbox One single player game lacked story and character development, points would be deducted. If a AAA PS4/Xbox One multiplayer game had a lackluster matchmaking system and poor means of communications, a lot of points would be deducted.

If Nintendo games aren't going to be graded in the same scope as the competition, then why bother even making comparisons. Perhaps it's better to let Nintendo games exist in their own bubble, and let PS4/Xbox One games exist in their own.

VerminSC226d ago

Oh man, I couldn't disagree more. I borrowed BOTW from my brother assuming it was over hyped and overrated. After playing it I feel it was one of the best games of all time. It brings back what use to make games so fun, and it literally restored my confidence in gaming. It is amazing in so many ways, it is the ONLY open world game I have loved.

MrFisher21226d ago

What open world games are people playing??? I play almost all games that come out on consoles. And this is just insane. Do people only play like 3 games a year?? The witcher 3's open world blew this out if the water. And I can keep going.

Vegamyster226d ago (Edited 226d ago )


The Witcher 3 is amazing in terms of story throughout it's world, that said Breath of the Wilds world is more interactive and has puzzles instead so it depends on what you value more in a open world game.

InKnight7s225d ago

Some people cant buy Witcher 3 because they are fanboys or they just not allowed to. Witcher 3 blew Zelda BoTW anytime in every term.

Goldby225d ago


Play witcher 3 on death march and the whole game becomes a puzzle.

Try just running into any bounty without prep. Good luck is all I'll say.

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sd11226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

You said the world is dead and empty yet you would give it a 9 max? Thats an unusual way to say you think it could still be a 9. Personally i loved the game and would actually score it a 10 from my enjoyment. But everyone has different tastes. I am torn as to whether it is better than ocarina of time, but to me it is at least the same level.
I think seem people took your critique to heart though. Nothing wrong with not thinking it is a 10, and i gather you did at least enjoy it. You just dont want to build a shrine to it ( particularly now that you have been inside 50 of them).

indyman77226d ago

@Travis3708 you said: "The world is dead " which proves you have not played the game. Not a more lively world that I can think of. In any game.

joab777226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

But you can climb! Lol! Love Zelda and it's amazing but when you break it down it has many issues that other games would have taken a hit for. Zelda is one of my favorite IPs ever, and Zelda i(original w/ Zelda 2 being 2nd) s my favorite game of all time, but it's not perfect by any means.

It came out with a new console that ppl wanted to be good so badly. It was open world and the nostalgia was oozing. Combat was challenging at times, and overall a wonderful experience. But, I have Nioh, P5 ahead of it this year so far with Horizon very close.

Though no IP holds as big a spot in my heart as Zelda, even I grew tired of the media love fest with this game. Shoulda renamed Gamescoop, BotWScoop. They still spend 10 minutes a show on it...crazy!

Alexander1Nevermind226d ago

I have to agree I have Nioh ahead of it on my list well. Maybe I'll go back and finish my play thru and I may see that the game gets better as I go (I have about 7/8 hearts atm). The weapon issue is probably my biggest gripe for the game...get a good weapon and its gone after about 3/4 mob encounters. That said its still its a 9-10 in my book, about on par with Horizon. its definitely not perfect though.

AdroitRekkr226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

You would give it no higher than a 9? Wow that does sound like your really disappointed in the game. (Sarcasm) If you want to get down to the nitty gritty I could ripped through almost any video game and tell you how bugs and repetitive they are. BOTW is an incredible adventure and let's leave it at that.

Number-Nine226d ago

Even a 9 is overrated. 8.5 is reasonable to me. Personally I give it a 7 or 7.5

CoryHG226d ago

It's the casuals who love this game. That bought all that zelda garb at a local novelty store. It was made by millennials for millennials. The Switch is still a waste of money at this point when you can get this on a Wii U. The fact there are no dungeons and weaponry wears out, it's not a zelda game. Most of the people who loved this game probably think Link's name is Zelda. LEGEND OF ZORLDA

roadkillers225d ago

I downvoted after you said "before you downvote"

InTheZoneAC225d ago

you just told all the fanboys what time it is

I'm playing some BotW now, just like I did before Horizon came out and I'm enjoying my time with it. I just don't see how it's a 10/10 though

good job on your post, you hit em hard.

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oakshin227d ago

I'm playing it on the wii u its Kool but not what it was made out to be but I still got a ways to go

MrFisher21226d ago

It's feels so empty to me and soulless

XbladeTeddy226d ago

Wouldn't say soulless. The world is filled with personality and secrets.

dillydadally226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

I just can't understand this. Skyward Sword felt soulless to me. It was so formulaic and repetitive. This game literally feels more alive than any game I've ever played personally. The realism of the world and the freedom to climb and go anywhere and all the wildlife and the physics and the incredibly smart ai and something new and exciting to discover over every mountain. There are so many things to do and discover. I just don't get how anyone can feel this way.

XbladeTeddy226d ago

Same played on the Wii U. I think it's a brilliant game, just not a great Zelda game.

wonderfulmonkeyman227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

The larger majority of the people saying it's over-rated are the ones that think so BECAUSE it's a Zelda game, who give very little credit to what it does right and compare it to every other open world game in existence to try and nit-pick it apart.
There are, granted, a few people out there who feel it doesn't merit more than an 8, and are very fair about their reasons, but those types are few and far between, in comparison to those that just outright score it a 6 or lower "because Zelda rides off of its name and nothing more."

It's got high scores based off of its own merits, not just because it's Zelda.
And it deserves that high 90's metacritic score, because the majority of people who play it and review it feel the same way.
It's a memorable adventure worth coming back to. Over and over again. Even if only for exploring in and of itself.

As for me?
I have a few complaints about it, sure, and wouldn't call it perfect in every respect.
But few 10 out of 10 games actually ARE perfect in the first place, and merit that score based off of how fun, replayable, and memorable they are for the reviewers.
I still say it merits a 10. Or at the very least, if I'm, personally, being overly-critical and nitpicky, an 8.

InTheLab226d ago

What do you think it's flaws are? I'm genuinely curious.

dillydadally226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

I would really give the game a 10 and it's my favorite Zelda's game of all time (and I always favored the 2d ones over the 3d ones). But even I found flaws in the game.

To me, the biggest one is how fast items break and that there is no way to repair them. I can't tell you how much I hate this.

Second, the stamina stuff really bugged me, but it got a lot better later in the game when I got a ton more stamina. I mean, I can't swim across a single River without drowning? That's ridiculous. And I hate big open world games without infinite sprint, especially when it puts you in a tired mode of you just hold the button too long.

I also hated the stupid slippery climbing when it rained. I thought it was a neat idea, but it should have been random when you slipped and less frequent. They pretty much made it impossible to climb when it rains, and sometimes you just have to sit there forever just waiting for it to quit raining, which is stupid.

I also think it's dumb how a lot of the monsters take so many hits that you have to break like 3 or 4 weapons to kill them... but they can always kill you in one or two hits.

Some things about the combat bugged me too, like I always tried to back jump but because I let go of auto lock, it doesn't work right (hard to explain). I thought the fighting was a little clunky and some monsters were nearly impossible to fight without stasis locking them to hit them and running while it's on cooldown or just using a ton of arrows.

Those were my major complaints, but the game was so well designed otherwise I'd give it a perfect 10. I literally have never enjoyed a Zelda game this much.

nitus10226d ago

Did you read the article?

I think the author covered all the plusses and minuses fairly and even compared the game to other Zelda games although he does briefly mention Skyrim which the Switch will be getting some time.

Kosic226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

Disagree. I look at this game as a lower score as it's not a great title. Having frustrations over the basic concept of combat, weapons breaking constantly, lack of story, lack of drive (no items to unlock, just have every special ability from the get go), small boss dungeons, annoying voice actors (Zelda herself)...

There are good things going for this game but i grew bored off it being another open world game with some bad gameplay designs.

I've not compared it to other Zelda games. I've compared it to all games in general.

I don't think it deserves it's high 9 score. It's not often I get through a good chunk off a game and just want the ride to be over with already. Botw was one of those games, I rushed the last 4 or so hours. Completed and not bothered about returning.

ninsigma226d ago

Agree with all the issues you found. That stuff really turned me off the game and made it a not very pleasing experience. BOTW basically caught up with modern day open world games but threw in some new design choices (which is normal for a Nintendo game) but I felt those choices harmed the experience.