Flashback Now Available to Pre-order for the Sega Dreamcast

Retro Gaming Mag's Neil Reive writes: "One of the best 16-bit arcade adventure games of all time has now been developed for the Sega Dreamcast. Flashback (aka Flashback: The Quest for Identity) is a 2D adventure that was originally developed for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive platform in 1993, featuring smooth visuals and gameplay influenced by games such as Prince of Persia. Thanks to French publisher JoshProd, the classic game is now available for Sega's Dreamcast."

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chrisx223d ago

This game was an instant classic back in the day, 1 of the very few games I never managed to finish because I was lost

giovonni223d ago

Hell yeah, I recall playing it for the Amiga, and then the entire game for Super Nintendo. The 90s were an incredible time for Video games.

nitus10223d ago

I completed the original game but Flashback 2 was ridiculously hard.

Raiden222d ago

That's when gaming pushed you to your limits and it felt great to complete, not like todays water down offering that just seem to forget about game play for graphics

mark_parch223d ago

I had it on the amiga 1200 it was one of my fav memories

Deathdeliverer223d ago

Why waste time and money like this and not just make it a download on current systems?

gangsta_red223d ago

This game needs a re-revisit. Loved the first one as well as the remake.

They also need to bring back Out of this World and Heart of the Alien.

Rebel_Scum223d ago

The remake was absolute garbage. The slick atmosphere was ruined by corny lines that were unnecessary. Made Conrad sound like a 14 year old with that dialogue. It was a bit janky as well. The graphics were crap compared the original as well.

The other failure was it had the original in the extras, but you had to play it with a crappy looking arcade cabinet background when it was never an arcade game to begin with. The screen was way too small. Would've been better to just have a larger screen and a black background.

sadsatan223d ago

i play this via dosbox once per year. beautiful game

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