Final Fantasy VII Retrospective: Great Because It's Weird

Kotaku - Before I played Final Fantasy VII, I didn’t think it was going to be very good. I don’t remember how I was introduced to the game—maybe it was a store ad, or a magazine, or that wild 1997 TV commercial—but I do remember hating it.

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PhoenixUp444d ago

Playing this game on PS4 is my favorite option. I get to play with analog control, turn off random encounters, speed up moments that slog, turn on god mode for frustrating battle situations, and earn Trophies throughout the whole experience.

OmnislashVer36444d ago

That's the main thing I hope FFVIIR keeps is it's quirkyness. We need all of the scenes, no matter how questionable for modern culture.

Asuka444d ago

I dont know how they are going to pull off red 13 dressed as a shinra guard with the new graphics, or how they would do the dolphin mini game haha. Part of the reason these things worked was because the graphics of the original game werent so good, and the devs understood this. Just gonna look weird seeing a realistic cat on his hind legs in uniform it'll be so obvious haha. But that may be just the kinda humor/weirdness the game needs.

OmnislashVer36444d ago (Edited 444d ago )

I think the dolphin mini game can still work, but yeah I guess Red XIII would be a bit out there.

I do like how they reimagined Barret though, but I want to see some quirkiness out of him as well. It's all very exciting to me to see how they reimagine everything and I want to see it all updated for modern graphics and cinematography styles(maybe with the right cuts even Red XIII being in a soldier suit will work, who knows? Neither for or against them keeping that). FFVII has that golden age of JRPG storytelling vibe, and I'm hoping it's all still intact.

What I meant to say was anything that may seem socially unacceptable though. Banter between Cloud and Barret, the Honey Bee Inn, crossdressing, etc.

ameliabaz444d ago

I dunno, I think Red in a Shinra uniform could still work. The joke in the original was that nobody on the ship notices the giant red lion with a flame tail sticking out his pants obviously isn't a Shinra soldier. So the joke still works with realistic graphics. It's funny because the terrible disguise is super obvious.

Pozzle444d ago

I agree 100% I'm re-playing the game right now and had forgotten how many random, silly moments there are. I just reached the Gold Saucer and completely forgot that the owner is a super hairy bodybuilder wearing nothing but a tiny speedo and a giant handlebar moustache. It's glorious in how bizarre it all is.

Rebel_Scum444d ago

I re-played it last year. It amazed me how many mini games there are in it. I still consider it to be the best FF game.

Hylian10443d ago

FF6 & FF4 are the pinnacle of the franchise IMO, haven't played 9 yet though.