Can Sony and Microsoft agree on online cross-play?

Can Sony and Microsoft ever come to an agreement to make cross-platform online gaming between Xbox and PlayStation platforms possible?

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Genuine-User473d ago

For the sake of their customers, I hope they do.

JaguarEvolved472d ago

I don't know why Sony wont allow cross play with Xbox one. They should also allow PlayStation exclusive titles to be able to be played on xbox one as well. /s

Genuine-User472d ago

I don't know why Sony allows cross play with PC. They should also allow PlayStation exclusive titles to be played on PC as well.


Septic472d ago

If cross play is allowed, I don't see why people can't sleep with the wives of Sony execs


Phill-Spencer472d ago

I don't see why sony won't allow cross play with ms. They su€k! MS offers it because they are gamer friendly. /s

Sam Fisher472d ago

You guys.... stop circle jerking eachother. /s

472d ago
Felix313471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

@Jaguar It's because MS wants to force PS players to sing in via XBL (make an XBL account) in order to use MS's version of cross-play. Pretty sure Sony would be ok with cross-play if it was done via the games publishers servers like it is with PC cross-play.

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OB1Biker472d ago

Both can crossplay with PC so I hope they can find a neutral ground there

DragonbornZ472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

Same, hope they join up with everyone else. Update is pretty crazy for the Minecraft community.

Never really thought about it before, but this'll be huge for streamers too. Able to get all their subscribers together regardless of platform on 1000+ player servers.

Might have to join up with Farfromsubtle one day when this drops. Know they'll probably have a big Minecraft event when the update comes out, but I believe they play Minecraft specifically on PC. Their fans are mostly PS4 gamers though, so I really hope Sony joins so they don't miss out.

PhoenixUp473d ago

It seems both have no problem with cross platform play between Nintendo consoles though

AspiringProGenji473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

They are direct competitors, so that is a really tricky thing to do for both, especially for the one on top. It happened last gen, it is happening now, and will happen the next. What would Ms do if they were on top? Sure some people think MS has been taunting Sony witn cross play for the greater good when instead they know they have nothing to lose with it. Sony as the leader has every right to not cross play with their rivals and I'm not sure how some people label them as anti consumer for that. Their excuse for that, however, was very poor. They deserve to be questioned and laughed at, but that's it!

Maybe Sony should limit cross play to games that are not a thread to their sales like Rocket League or Minecraft, but not big mainstream titles like COD and Destiny. And these titles need no cross play to stay alive. As much as some people would love to play witn their friends having different consoles, well we can't always have what we want. Welcome to earth! That said, Overwatch cross play could be pretty interesting

showtimefolks472d ago

Thank you exactly

People make it sound like Sony doesn't allow cross play when there were games on ps3 with cross play

Back that Ms wanted no part of it and now that Xbox brand is lagging more than 30 million behind ps4 all of the sudden Ms have become consumer friendly


This all happened with in last 5-8 years

If it wasn't for Sony we would be stuck with a DRM filled Xbox one console

472d ago
zb1ftw777472d ago

All three consoles and PC have heavy DRM as do all smartphones.

Just letting you know.

StuffAndThings472d ago

Sony & Microsft are already working together on various things technically. Windows 10 on Sony computers & Microsoft owns Minecraft & Microsoft can take Minecraft away from Sony at any given time

Sharky231472d ago

I thought Sony sold there computer division. Maybe I'm wrong. Honestly I think this whole cross play ordeal has to do with Xbox live subscription. I think we as Sony users would have to pay a fee that isn't talked about. When they work that out we'll see cross play. Also I don't think ms will take minecraft away from anybody!! Why would they just stop getting money like that? There is too much money made on minecraft!!

StuffAndThings472d ago

@Sharky231 that makes no sense since you are paying to use PSN just like XBOX users are paying to use Live

OB1Biker472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

Sure I understand that. However It seems cross platform play is getting more and more popular particularly for VR which really needs it. So maybe there's a spark for a natural evolution for the next few years when XB also offers VR?
I also have a feeling xbox is becoming even closer to PC so there's that

TheGamingEffect472d ago

I agree with this. Although it definitely would benefits the consumer, I think Sony doesnt want to help out thier competition in any form or fashion. You cant knock them for that, they are in the 'Console Business"

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ziggurcat473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

As long as MS doesn't force anyone to create/use an/their XBL account or force the use of their network, I think there can be an amicable agreement. Sony also needs to drop the protect the children nonsense, too.

471d ago
yellowgerbil473d ago

WHO CARES. Honestly, I don't get the appeal. Also in a competitve game it seems like it would create an imbalance, Different amounts of input lag, though minute would lead to complaining about it not being an even playing field.
These are closed systems. Every year xbox writes its self closer to obsolete. Every game can be played on pc, you can play with people on other systems... So what is the point of owning an xbox??? I know why I own a Ps4 and a Switch but that question is one that has cost microsoft a sale this gen (had original xbox and had a 360 till it red ringed but have no reason to get the x1)

FinalFantasyFanatic472d ago

All my friends own PS4s and those that own Xones, game mostly on their PS4s, so I get no benefit from crossplay.

471d ago
FinalFantasyFanatic471d ago (Edited 471d ago )


About one or two, FYI, people can have many friends, even if your only semi-social, you sound as if you don't have many.

I plan to eventually own a Switch at some point, I'm just waiting to see how things pan out (I don't want it to have the same fate as the Wii U).

471d ago
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