Why Path of Exile is Better Than Diablo III

Is Path of Exile diverse enough to take the ARPG crown away from the long-running Blizzard game Diablo III?

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joab777259d ago

Nioh turned out to be a pretty damn good looter. It has no where near the content, but it has quite a bit, as you can easily sink a few hundred hours into it. It also has the Souls-like combat system which makes it quite challenging.

PoE is a damn good game though, and these games.lend themselves well to the f2p model, as long as content continuously arrives in a timely manner. Diablo is a looter, but not held to the same scheduling.

LordoftheCritics259d ago

POE is not as good as Diablo 3.

Diablo 3 is best in category.

VideoGameLab259d ago

You should try it out. The amount of content, quality and possibilities are unmatched. Its more like Diablo 2 which is awesome. The skilltree alone is a game in itself.

LordoftheCritics258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

I have since alpha and check it out once annually.

It lacks the Blizzard polish. Diablo 3 is leagues ahead of POE.

No game in this category comes close.

narsaku259d ago

Ohhohoho yea.

That's lying to yourself. Hard.

AcidDvl258d ago

Nah man, I love Diablo and play on a regular basis, as much as POE. POE is the superior game, with 3x the content.

Mr Marvel259d ago

Diablo III is god-like... Path of Exile is garbage.
Stop posting stupid stories made to attract attention.

AcidDvl258d ago

Even Grim Dawn is superior do Diablo 3.

Diablo 3 is a damn good game tho.

NiteX259d ago

PoE feels far too much like a F2P game to be better than D3. If only it had the soul of Diablo instead of simply the guts.

AcidDvl258d ago

It is a 100% F2P game, and does not feel like it. You can progress through the game as you normally would in a paid game, that's what makes it a fresh experience on the F2P scene. You don't need to grind, you don't get locked out of content, you don't need to spend a dime.

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The story is too old to be commented.