15 Best Prison Escape Games

Prison escapes are always a great time. Here are 15 games in which the player made a daring prison escape.

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2pacalypsenow417d ago

I remember Prisoner of War was one of my first Xbox games.

morganfell416d ago

Slide alert. Its 2017. Seriously. Are these cheap hit hungry sites still doing this to potential readers?

psuedo416d ago

Doing what? Please clarify. I came to the article, and went to the site not to read it, but just to see if The Great Escape was on that list. Yes it was. Great game. Like Hitman in a way. I really would love to play it again, and I saw the movie because of the game. Anyways I'm glad this article made me think of the game again, and Chronicles Of Riddick.

morganfell415d ago

Do you not know what a slide show is? There was nothing in the article so valuable that readers should be subjected to 1998 web page layout designed to garner hits.

psuedo415d ago

Yes I know what a slideshow is. Yea it is stupid. If they wanted to do a slideshow we all know it could all be a slideshow on the same page.

Your right nothing valuable like gameplay elements, and such was mentioned. I agree with you, but I wouldn't of clicked on the article if it werent for The Great Escape. Also The Thing was a pretty cool movie game. I want to play them again.

bOObies416d ago

Prisoner Of War is one of my first memories of original Xbox. I sometimes think of that game and how good it was. I need to replay it.