To Remain Relevant, Earthworm Jim Creator Stirs the Pot

You may recognize Doug TenNapel. He is perhaps most notable for being the Earthworm Jim creator. You may also remember him from The Neverhood, a solid game followed by a poor sequel. ... TenNapel decided to try and drum up controversy by misgendering a Kotaku writer.

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-Foxtrot106d ago

I'm not going to defend what the guy said but you say "to stay relevant" yet that's exactly what Kotaku did with that shitty article.

It was a mess and it just seemed it was done so people got their daily dose of "Kotaku does it again".

New_Age_Retro_Hippie106d ago

I mean, I don't think the Kotaku article was all that great, but I don't know that writing an article about Earthworm Jim would do too much to help Kotaku stay relevant.

-Foxtrot106d ago

It's not about Earth Worm's finding something old and doing an article on it while picking it apart for silly reasons

The negative backlash of people disagreeing along with what's happened here puts Kotaku in the spot light. More people will then go and read the shitty article to see what's so bad about it giving Kotaku more views.

New_Age_Retro_Hippie106d ago

I'd honestly disagree that the reasons were particularly silly. In particular, I always found Earthworm Jim to be somewhat of a discordant game, something a person could easily just not get into.

With that said, an arguable bad opinion is pretty low on the "Kotaku does it again" scale, and I would argue doesn't compare to personally attacking the author.

GamesMaster1982106d ago

The guy was only telling the truth. Not his fault if people today cry over every little thing.

New_Age_Retro_Hippie104d ago

The guy got offended by people criticizing a game he made. If we're going to talk about offense, maybe we should talk about his ability to handle criticism. :P

(AKA, he ain't got none of it)

ziadmessi104d ago

what truth are you talking, he is an old religious nut who can't accept criticism about his washed up game

Eonjay104d ago

Sounds like someone didn't like his work so he attacked them personally. Earthworm Jim is a classic to some and some don't like it. It most certainly isn't worth the attention it is receiving now. We don't live in a PC world where everyone has to like everything. And that's fine. I just think it is weak to attack others who dissent against you.

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Relientk77106d ago

Really want an Earthworm Jim return. Have and love both games on my Genesis

SmielmaN102d ago

Earthworm Jim was one of those games that hooked me on gaming when I was young. Absolutely loved it.

kalkano106d ago

You know our society is in the crapper when stating facts "stirs the pot".

New_Age_Retro_Hippie106d ago

As the article notes, even disregarding that the scientific consensus is not on your side, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that you allow your perception of how the world work stand to defend someone who was pointlessly rude and disrespectful towards someone who criticized his game.

OffRoadKing104d ago

What scientific consensus and by what science, the science made up by people sympathetic to the transgender community?

bluefox755104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Scientific consensus IS on his side though. Transgender people don't magically change genders. They have a mental disorder that causes then to perceive a different gender than they are, causing gender dysphoria. Sometimes they treat this with gender reassignment, but it doesn't change biology. It may or may not help with their gender dysphoria, but that's it.

Imalwaysright104d ago

Telling the truth is never disrespectful, it's honorable.

New_Age_Retro_Hippie104d ago

Yeah. For as much as I disagree with how he behaved, I'd be lying if I said he didn't make quality work. Earthworm Jim was, if not a great game, a cool game.

opinionated104d ago

"Heather, you’re a good man and entitled to your opinion. If you ever want to go into why we created the way we did in the 90s let’s chat."

"Trying to stay relevant" and "trying to drum up controversy". What a joke. He responded to an article talking about his game. A kotaku article of all things, garbage. I never would have known what he said but for this article. If he's not relevant why are you trashing his developer credentials? If he's trying to drum up controversy and you know this, why do you spread his word like a bunch of morons? Because he's not, you clowns are trying to create a controversy over "misgendering". We don't care. You care, congrats.

ziadmessi104d ago

so instead of stating what is wrong with the article, he just attacked the writer. what a snowflake, he can't even accept criticism

opinionated104d ago

Sounds like a 90s joke to me. When people weren't so "attacked". Friendly shit talk like we do here or with our buddies. The author trashed his game so he basically took a cheap shot and laughed at the modern kotaku criticism of a game made in 90s. Retro Bro.

"Hey pal, if you want a history lesson in our 90s game design decisions lets chat"

ziadmessi104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

but she isn't his"buddy", if every game developer attacks the reviewer of his/her game at any point, then you would have a shitshow of childish name-calling like toddlers, he should have been an adult and criticize what's wrong about the article and not attack the reviewer

opinionated104d ago

Every game developer doesn't do that though.. Take away "man" and the comment is perfectly fine. You act like some horrible obscenity took place. It's laughable. He didn't "attack" anyone.. He did say what's wrong with the article. He even offered an interview to discuss the decisions he made in the design.

I will always take the game developers side btw, the media these days are useless middle men. I don't need the commentary alright, just give me game news. Most people played earthworm Jim 20 years ago. The criticism doesn't mean much now. I honestly think he was taking the piss. Childish maybe but harmless in nature. That's why I say good for him. I'd tell kotaku to get lost too lol.

bluefox755104d ago

He didn't attack the writer, he was pretty polite I thought

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New_Age_Retro_Hippie104d ago

"I don't care, also here's a paragraph emphasizing how little I care." Get a grip man lol. I'd sooner not demand that people care, but it's really obvious when people do. Doug didn't respond to the article, he responded to the author of the article. If the article was shit, and it may very well be, it doesn't change the fact that his point was not to call this out but to demonstrate his sensitivity over the matter. As I noted with painstaking effort, even if you don't care about misgendering, a developer insulting a journalist because he didn't like what she had to say is never good for this industry.

opinionated104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

I care to a certain point sure, I'm amused at how bad that article is. The contradictions, the projection, the unknowing promotion of someone they claim to be irrelevant and needed this publicity to stay afloat. What utter nonsense and I do care enough to point it out lmao.

He did respond to the article by saying the author was full of crap. Modern hipster arguments on a 90s game. If the article was shit (and let's be honest it's kotaku) they deserve no sensitivity. Was calling the tranny a dude insensitive? Sure but Kotaku has trashed people all day everyday so they get no sympathy from me. I'm surprised they still exist.

I say good for earthworm Jim guy, with his earth shattering one liner that could topple an industry...You painstakingly displayed that modern game journalism is dead. This is what we get now, the earthworm Jim guy needs sensitivity training lol. Plus, the fake media isn't a part of the "industry". Unless they pay you to promote their products obviously. You are then just a marketer, a propagandist.

New_Age_Retro_Hippie104d ago

*shrugs* I'd have to disagree with projection, though I can certainly see why you'd take it that way. I'm no Doug in terms of accomplishments, but it's a little embarrassing that he found himself so affected by a mildly critical article about a game he made decades ago.

As far as "unknowingly promoting his statement," don't worry, I'm well aware that spreading this information gets more people to talk about it and invariably creates a real possibility that he benefits from it. It's just the nature of the situation. and inevitably a risk that reporting on a dumb thing a person will carry.

And by the way, "Earthworm Jim is mean-spirited and not that good" shouldn't be the stepping stone to "modern game journalism is dead." It's also a big leap towards even bringing up "fake media." And ultimately, the fact that Kotaku has and continues to do dodgy articles and themselves trashed people does not have any relevance to this specific writer. Heather to my knowledge did not trash Doug, so Doug merely justifies any trashing he may get by doing it himself. He's a grown man, he should know better, learn to take criticism, and make a good sequel to The Neverhood.

opinionated104d ago

I think everyone should learn to take a little criticism sometimes. Including the misgendered. It was clearly shit talk and could be considered childish but I don't think a campaign against him is necessary. I see it as a joke personally but I'm an early model millennial 😉

New_Age_Retro_Hippie104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

I'm a late-model millennial; apparently I've been taking things personally before it was cool. :v

Wait I misunderstood lol

No, I'm early-model millennial. Sorry. :V

opinionated104d ago

You were the first version of the thinning skin model. The slim.

New_Age_Retro_Hippie104d ago

That said, this is certainly not intended as a hate campaign, more just as a cautionary comment about stuff like that. I mean if it was, you'd have seen me calling for EWJ to be boycotted.

opinionated104d ago

I see no difference. Is it not a call to arms in a fight you deem just?

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