There Is a Free Five-Hour Trial of Ghost Recon Wildlands out Right Now

Everything is better when it's free.

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coffeemaster226d ago

Gives people a chance to try it out!

brokasfawk226d ago

I'm curious if these first five hrs of the game are any good?

XbladeTeddy226d ago

You will know in a couple of hours if you like the game. I personally love it. Comes alive on extreme difficulty.

Nybz226d ago

This game is almost as forgetful as my comment on N4G about how forgetful this game actually is.

Summons75226d ago

Nice I've been wanting to try this game but wasn't willing to risk the $60 if I didn't like it.

Dixiedevil226d ago

In 5 hours you'll experience everything the game has to offer. This game has a huge amount of content but is about as "rinse, repeat" as "rinse, repeat" can get.