Square Enix Announces Solid Results thanks to Nier: Automata, Final Fantasy XIV and More

Square Enix announced its quarterly results and they're quite solid, mentioning Nier: Automata, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood and more as profit drivers.

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GamesMaster1982169d ago

Nier Automata really suprised me, After playing the demo i didn't really like it but after played the full game i loved every bit, right the way to the platinum trophy.

Razzer169d ago

I liked the demo, but agree that it really didn't do the game justice. One of the best games this year which is saying a lot considering the competition it had.

_-EDMIX-_168d ago

Buddy, that demo is one of the few times in gaming, where I legit BOUGHT A GAME SOLELY based on that demo.

I was on the fence with Nier, played the demo....SOLD!

That has only happened to me with Walking Dead last gen on PS3 and Tony Hawk Pro Skater on PS1.

That demo showed exactly what people need to see and feel about this game.

Nothing someone sees can really explain it, they just need to play it.

King_Lothric169d ago

I was convinced to buy it after playing the demo. It is a very good game and B2 is mega hot!

Maxor168d ago

Their support for this game is utter shit though. PS Pro version can't keep a steady 60 fps and could use more tweaking but is instead abandoned aside from a fluff DLC. Don't even get me started on the PC version. Compared to Horizon for example, they took the money and run.

Sm311M3Fart168d ago

Agree, but despite the lack of support NieR is my 2017 GOTY so far. After the original, which is in my top 10 last gen, I've never expected a sequel and am glad to be able to experience it.
Looking forward to next Yoko Taro game.

zacfoldor168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

I don't think Square realized they had a masterpiece with Nier. They had to scramble to provide after release support for the game, and didn't have a plan in place already. I suspect that they will not make that mistake with future games in the franchise after the surprise popularity of this one. I also believe this one, despite poor support, has been a huge hit on Steam. PC didn't have all the big releases this year the consoles did, so this magnified Nier's significance on the platform.

_-EDMIX-_168d ago

Its hard to tell.

Nier looked like one of those games that would simply be a sleeper hit that only the huge JRPG fans would talk about.

You really can't tell some times. Some times its hit or miss.

168d ago
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory167d ago

I gotta get Nier Automata for PS4. Don't know why I still don't have it yet.