Ni No Kuni II’s Boss Battles are Surprisingly Epic

We had the chance to go hands on with Ni No Kuni II’s boss battles and came away both victorious and impressed.

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SlappingOysters497d ago

Love the style of this game; just looks like a fun world.

porkChop497d ago

The first game was fantastic. Hopefully this one is even better.

Relientk77497d ago

Ni no Kuni is amazing, so I have high hopes for the sequel

antikbaka496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

after watching 2 battles i found them slow, too long, action-less and boring.... persona 5 dealt with boss fights much better with inclusion critical events/actions which brought some sense of extra and very rewarding risk

Michiel1989496d ago

I don't think it's reasonable to compare those two games. Ni No Kuni (first one at least) was much more about the experience than in depth combat mechanics or anything which i appreciated a lot. Combat in Nino Kuni looked nice but had not enough depth for me

I haven't played persona 5 or any of them, but it seems to me those game are more combat focussed than story focussed (not saying story is bad or anything, wouldn't even know). So of course the combat will be more in depth and strategical. However I haven't seen one cartoon/anime styled game that looked as well as Nino Kuni and had such a good atmosphere.

Bit worried they are focussing on combat too much. Not a big fan of how they present the char on the overworld map now. Seems like those dolls from lootboxes.

antikbaka496d ago

i played, you didn't play... so pls, leave comparisons to those who know what they talk about.
P5 is battle focused..jesus...

DivineAssault 496d ago

Looks good to me.. Still havent finished the 1st game though so i have no clue where the story is

thatguyhayat496d ago

Last gens JRPG winner for me was Ni No Kuni. The fact its made by studio gibli made me more hyped. Loved every second of it a true master piece now this gen we are seeing many JRPG making its return

Michiel1989496d ago

last gen had a crapton of JRPG's as well. They didn't get much spotlight though.

I highly recommend Resonance of Fate, it's probably the most unique jrpg i have played to date but didn't sell well or got any notable marketing. The combat system is based around moving and chaining your moves/attacks. It's pretty hard to get into and master it but it pays off when you finally do.

Story is pretty garbage from what i can remember, but combat is the main focus. It just does everything different from most jrpg.

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