Should Blizzard Focus on More Character Packs for Diablo III?

Are future character packs what Blizzard should be focusing on for Diablo III, or should new content or sequel be priority?

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narsaku316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

First, focus on being ashamed about D3 being a weeaboo horrible graphic'd dumbed down console, "ps3", gen game.

..Then after a couple more years, pull a Starcraft 2 and make Diablo great again.

Hint: Model it after D2/Path of Exile. They're worlds betta... As for Character packs... I just d-don't even know...

Zeke68316d ago

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So, what does Diablo 3 got to do with this ??!!

Anyway, Diablo 3 is way better than Path of Exile imho, and all my friends seem to agree, so if you don't like D3 don't play it, just as I do with PoE, easy peasy.
Character pack on the other hand, no, one each 5th year might be cool or so, but fix the god damn challenges first so they work properly before milking your customers on more money Blizzard, that's a much better way of keeping your customers happy ;)

rocketpanda316d ago

It took a year and a half for it to come to consoles. It launched on Xbox too. But sure, you want to take a dig at PS because of some kind of bias. Yes, it works well on consoles because blizzard done a great job at revamping it for console controls. Sure, hate it for it being better than the PC version.

Pull a Starcraft 2? D3 was saved from being an utter mess. They removed the auction house nonsense, added tons of content, seasons, balance skills and new gear....and they are still supporting the game. Most other devs would have let the fame out to die. It's a far better and different game from its initial launch.

They could well be working in D4, blizzard keep their projects very well hidden.

POE is good no doubt, but the investment the game needs is a put off in terms of the vast skill tree. D3 done it right where you can learn all skills but only select a certain number at any time to cater to a play style and change it up when you want rather than having to respect a character and wasting your time if you made a mistake. It's much more respectful of your time.

PaulFiend316d ago

No, instead they should make a proper dark, bloody, atmospheric Diablo game for a change.

Derceto316d ago

Blizzard should focus less on trying to bend over stupid people with more man than the little brains they have, and focus more on making good games. You know, like they used to?

maybelovehate316d ago

I am game for more characters packs, still having a lot of fun with Diablo 3. But the next story pack needs to have a full story level added. Doesn't have to be directly tied into the main story.

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