How Yakuza Keeps Stealing My Heart

Today, Gavin attempts to process his fierce and baffling desire to re-experience the same small patch of Tokyo, over and over…

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TheOptimist502d ago

Yakuza 0 is in my Top 5 games of the year. It's not a huge open world, but every inch of the map is wisely utilized and has a very good story as well.

Gavin_GTUK502d ago

Absolutely agree; there's a ton of value in making something small and dense. The plot manages it wisely as well, especially in 0 - the way there's a tiny patch of land at the centre of everything and the whole plot is about this small part of the city changing dramatically. The story's like a reflection of the design ethics of the series (though it's Majima's bits where the writing really shines in my opinion).

TheOptimist502d ago

Wow.... Never thought about how the story reflects the design philosophy. And yes I do agree that Majima's side of the story is well written, but Kiryu's doesn't fall far behind. The only flaw I found in the game was that the game takes about 5-7 hours just to set up, but oh well, it's totally worth it.

FullmetalRoyale501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

For the story, especially Goro's, it's easily my favorite game this year. I may be forgetting a game, but aside from TW3 it just might be my favorite game of the generation so far. No doubt it's in my top five. *I wish I had given this series a chance before this, but at least I have Kiwami to help fill in the gaps.

I had way too much fun getting a perfect score on Bakamitai.

FallenAngel1984502d ago

I still can't bring myself to beating Yakuza 4, but I did complete Yakuza 5

philm87502d ago

Thought I'd like Yakuza 0, but it's just not for me. Personally the worst game I've bought on the PS4, but fair enough if you like it, just not feeling it.