PlayStation Plus vs. Games With Gold: August Comparison

Which service is a better deal this month? Let's do the math.

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GiantGriFFin226d ago

Ps plus is much better. Keep it up Sony.

IamTylerDurden1225d ago

PS+ is significantly better this month, Just Cause 3 is huge, AC FC is big, and Downwell is actually quite good. All three of those are PS4 games.

PS+ was great last month as well with Until Dawn and GoT. PS+ been on a roll

Neonridr226d ago

I'm always wary about comparing by price alone. But Just Cause 3 is huge for me, so I am super excited for this month's offerings from Sony for that game by itself.

Also, Sony gives out more because technically it is supporting 3 platforms with its PS+ service whereas MS is only supporting 2 with GWG.

Sonic_Vs_Mario225d ago

Xbox One offers the better value. All your Games with Gold are playable on Xbox One and you get to keep those Xbox 360 games forever that's worth the subscription alone imo

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory225d ago

I would have to say PS Plus for this month because Just Cause 3. Glad I waited. Same thing with PS3 Just Cause 2 waited and waited for cheap price and it came free on PS Plus..

Already played Bayonetta on X360 in 2013 so I am good.

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Servbot41225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

There is no way in hell Just Cause 3 is still selling for $59, try $19. This post is biased as hell. Even though PS+ is the better value when you realize the correct prices, fanboys still go out of their way to look stupid.

Bayonetta is easily the best game on the list, so if all you care about is what is the best game, Microsoft won this one.

ptownjbo225d ago

Actually, Just Cause 3 is surprisingly still $60 on PSN in the US. The post isn't biased..

Servbot41224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

Sure, if you are too stupid to buy the game ANYWHERE else, you deserve to get ripped off. If Microsoft priced Bayonetta at $199 on XBL and then gave it away in GWG, would that make it a better deal? No.

Liqu1d224d ago

@Servbot41 They quote the price from PS Store because that is the version you're getting on PS+, MS does the same thing. Only one looking "too stupid" right now is you.

brettnll225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

Yep Just Cause 3 is $60 just looked it up (I don't have a PS+ subscription and that's the price it says)

IamTylerDurden1225d ago

It works both ways as Red Faction Armageddon is a mediocre last gen game from 2011 and it's still listed as $30.

OffRoadKing225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

Gamestop still shows it listed at $59.99. Because you think Bayonetta is the best game on the list are we all suppose to think that too? Microsoft didn't win anything.

P_Bomb225d ago

At this point o' the gen, I don't believe anyone's truly looking at the 360/ps3 offerings as the deciding factor. If someone hasn't played Bayonetta or Tokyo Jungle by now, they were never going to.

ImGumbyDammit224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

We could use that logic with Just Cause 3 too. The game is going to 2 years old soon and if you hadn't played it by now you were never going to logic is just as practical in that case. Not that I agree with your logic as I am one of those that never played Bayonetta or JC3 previously and find value in both the free older games. But, if you are going to judge the list on who has or hasn't played a game then Gold wins because Slime Ranchers is fresh off the assembly line.

P_Bomb224d ago

You know what I mean. Current gen AAA games market the service/get the headlines more than the decade old AAA's for discontinued consoles. Current gen is and always will be the focus of current gen.

I'm not talking about old vs new in terms of Bayonetta vs 2 cent indies. It's the new *good* ones that fuel the subscription competition, and yes that includes games like Rocket League and Outlast. Halo 3 might be higher rated than Sunset Overdrive, but fml if they think i'm buying an XB1 GWG subscription for Halo 3 or Bayonetta. I'm looking at their Sunset Overdrive, Ryse, AC4, Killer Instinct, Project Cars, Watchdogs offerings.

They're not gonna release AAA ps3/360 freebies forever. Eventually the well's gonna run dry. Burnout Paradise was free in January. Great game, but I'm not gonna re-subscribe for a game I platinumed a decade ago.

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