Nintendo has the Right to put Content behind a Paywall

Seriously? This is the thing that has made players across the globe boil? What’s wrong with Nintendo doing the same unethical practices as other companies? This is something gamers are supposed to be congratulating like in that Xbox event.

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UletheVee31376d ago

None of these Tripul Eyy developers is anyone's friend. They only want our fucking money.

At the very least the article shows that people who go above and beyond to "Criticize" this issue are more hypocrites than anything

pressjudge376d ago

Nowadays everyone is using Adblockers and they all want everything for free. Where are we the whole game industry should work for players for free?

Eonjay375d ago

Wrong. We want appropriate value for our money as consumers or did you forget that you used to be able to buy a complete game? Or that a company decided on day that you could only trade games the way the deemed profitable and tried to remove ownership all together? These practices aren't about benefiting consumers and therefore the need to be criticized. If they had their way we would be paying a separate subscription fee for every game.

The_Hooligan374d ago

Vote with your wallet people, vote with your wallet. That being said there are far less consumers who actually do that and thats the reason why we have situations like this one. Because companies know that people will still buy it so they'll keep doing it. And at the same time a part of me can't blame the consumers because if it is a game that they truly love then its their money and they can spend it anyway they choose. Then in return it ends up screwing others who wants these type of situations to stop. Hell this argument on what the right thing is will never end lol.

OffRoadKing375d ago

I remember a time when we didn't need ad blockers and websites got along just fine.

SinkingSage374d ago

Back when websites weren't 90% ads, with misleading button prompts, popups, redirects, etc.

ichizon375d ago

I'm glad I had my content blocker active for this volatile article.

Apocalypse Shadow376d ago

Nintendo does have the right.

And the gamer has to decide and vote with their wallet.

agent4532375d ago

Not just their wallet but inform other gamers not to buy into the bullshit. Give bad reviews to the game, etc.

FallenAngel1984375d ago

And consumers have the right to be outraged

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The story is too old to be commented.