Guerrilla Reveals Lighting Tech for Future Games; Talks Horizon Zero Dawn AA and 2160p checkerboard

Guerrilla Games showcases the advanced techniques used in Horizon Zero Dawn, and reveals a lighting tech that didn't made it in the game, but is ready for future titles.

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Sam Fisher417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

bless this team with this game, this is my game of the year hands down.

Erik7357416d ago

Wish the team would talk more about gameplay than graphics.

Maybe it would of been higher rated than Zelda if they focused on that

ecchiless416d ago

Yea sure, man you are so retard.

hamburgerhill416d ago

Well he is being honest! I love tech advancements and applaud these guys for there passion. Still it doesn't make his comment void because truthfully all they really talk about is graphics.

AspiringProGenji416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

He is being dumb, not honest! This is SIGGRAPH, an event where developers show Off their graphic prowess and talk about it, not gameplay.

The gameplay is already solid. It's been already stated by reviewers and fans. What else do you want to be said about it?

one2thr416d ago

Buuuuuuuuut there are tons of videos about gameplay aspects..... Talks about the graphics almost came around when Kojima Production announced that their studio will be developing Death Stranding on the Decima engine. What more do you want?

k2d416d ago

Botw - over-rated; Horizon - under-rated.

I'd say they're both pretty good. Although I enjoyed BotW much faster (instantly actually) I feel Horizon will have more long term appeal for me.

UCForce416d ago

You still hate HZD, don't ya ?

Bruh416d ago

HAHA you're right why talk about graphics at a GRAPHICS presentation....troll ass GG

UCForce416d ago

@hamburgerhill This is SIGGRAPH, so yes they are talking about Graphic Engine. And for gameplay of HZD, it's great.

dRanzer416d ago

When you hit enemies with wood stick that is very deep gameplay

416d ago
andrewsquall416d ago

@Erik7357 I can't take Zelda scores seriously when even a thrash, broken controls, Zelda game like Skyward Sword gets unanimous perfect 10s across the board which reviewers admit later they shouldn't have scored it.
Then the same people put Skyward Sword in 14th place in a "Greatest Zelda Games of all Time" list and there are even the portable spinoff games that beat it on those lists.

How is that for voiding his comment about Zelda reviews?

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leahcim417d ago

my game of the year here.

MegamanXXX416d ago

fxaa + taa looks awesome and the best solution for 1080p imo


The most beautiful game on consoles hands down

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