This Unreal Engine 4 fan tech demo is perhaps the most photorealistic real-time demo you'll ever see

DSOGaming writes: "Take a good look at the header image. No seriously, take a good look. Awesome picture, right? Well, here is the deal; this is a scene in Unreal Engine 4 running in real-time on the PC and not a real image. This scene is from a fan tech demo that uses uses photogrammetry and Nvidia’s VXGI solution for real time lighting and global illumination, and will be released to the public at the end of 2017."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima107d ago

Seen this on NeoGaf earlier. By far the most realistic graphics I’ve ever witnessed.

Tech5107d ago

" By far the most realistic graphics I’ve ever witnessed."

seriously, down to the freaking grams of dirt for crying out loud!! the video should be linked in the description for everyone to view.

UE4 has no limits to creation for sure.

Rude-ro105d ago

Except for actual creations?
All we have seen are tech demo videos.

DevilOgreFish107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

at this point there is no questioning UE4's capabilities.
from unbelievable accuracy in artistic recreations.
to hyper realism.
there is nothing UE4 can not handle.

Sam Fisher105d ago

Presenting!!!!!!! Dirt.... and by far that is the prettiest dirt i have ever seen lmao

fr0sty105d ago

the shadows and unrealistic bokeh are the only giveaways.

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Relientk77106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

These look incredibly real

Berenwulf106d ago

This is amazing, but just a tech demo. I don't want to know how long we have to wait to see something like this in a video game...

spaceg0st105d ago

right? btw... im sure this tech demo just filled up an entire blu ray disc. ;)

Kun_ADR106d ago

Amazing how far the technology has come.

Fantasticzig106d ago

TES 7 for sure. Maybe even modded TES 6.

Eldyraen105d ago

Maybe, because 6 probably won't be until 2020+ and by this rate that means 7 is probably over a decade away and that's just wishful thinking.

6 modded, if ENB friendly, could probably look similar enough once you get the textures and enhanced environment mods up and running... especially for rocks and nothing else.

The 10th Rider105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Eh, this is a video from 2004:

Barring the horrendous resolution, many aspects of the demo look as good as games released today. That was 13 years ago. If it takes another 13 years to get a game that looks as good as the demo in this article it'd be 2030.

To be fair though, with how long ES takes ES7 might be coming out around then. I don't think that's a game that would have graphics like this though. Bethesda really doesn't seem to care about pushing their visuals.

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The story is too old to be commented.