Do Consumers Still Need Gamestop?

There was a time that Gamestop was the only place I would buy video games....period.  Those days are now far behind me.

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PhoenixUp347d ago

Yes. It's still an option that many people will continue to use

_-EDMIX-_346d ago

Exactly lol.

I always use Amazon or Gamestop.

Who ever has its cheaper as a used option is who gets my money.

Plus, they have their buy 2 get 1 free sales.

This article is as dumb as it gets.

"Do consumers still need gamestop"

OH YES, LESS options is waaaaaaaaay better /s

ShottyatLaw346d ago

If it's an option, doesn't that then mean it's not a necessity?

3-4-5345d ago

I love Gamestop. Only store I can walk into and get physical copies new or for used for cheap prices. Other stores like best buy,target,wal-mart don't have a lot of older or more obscure niche games either.

Gamestop also is great for pre-ordering a physical copy if you go into the store and do it. It's more reliable than ordering online and having another store cancel it.

Yes digital is a thing so that eliminates some of their sales but they are still a decent to good option for most purchases.

CyberSentinel347d ago

No. GameStop is a dinosaur.

Here's an idea, what if GameStop rented used games like gamefly does?

S-Word346d ago

Then they would be called Blockbuster.

CorndogBurglar346d ago


That made me laugh. Probably harder than it should have.

TheEnigma313346d ago

That actually wouldn't be a bad idea.

yomfweeee346d ago

Ask Blockbuster if it is a bad idea.

hiawa23346d ago

That would be great if they rented games. Gamefly has saved me thousands of dollars over the years.

CyberSentinel346d ago

Blockbuster had a very different policy then Gamefly. Gamefly allows you to rent a game for as long as you pay your "membership" fee, Blockbuster charged you extra for late fees. I was thinking of something like a tiered service for their card members. Something similar to Gamefly. It would be competitively priced, and offer the convenience of instant acquirment through the availablity of local store locations.

_-EDMIX-_346d ago

and....what if they did? lol

Who is to say they don't start some sorta of program like that?

HowBoutDat345d ago

You can rent from gamestop...its free and it's called a return policy. Good for 7 days, then return it and get your money back.

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Cy346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Yes? I mean, they're convenient and everywhere else has the same shitty prices so it's not like there's any point in going anywhere else.

Averyashimself346d ago

I don't know if there's a Best Buy around where your located but you should look into Gamer's Club Unlocked. Its a really good deal and much better than Gamestop's way of selling.

da1writer346d ago

I was going to say the same thing Averyashimself! Why go to a Gamestop where you pay full price for games or crap used game price amounts when you can just go grab a Gamers Club Unlocked and never pay over $48 ever again (unless you go for Special/Collector's Editions). You get 20% off new games (no matter the release or afterwards), $10 for free on top of that for just preordering certain titles, and tradein amounts get an extra 20%-40%. Then there's the Best Buy normal reward program you automatically get signed up for where you get $$ vouchers. Unless you are PC only (where the deals are much better but I digress), why wouldn't you buy your games from Best Buy, they are almost paying you to get their games from them.

Kun_ADR346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

I would still support physical over digital any day, and in this case it mean I still need Gamestop.

No Way346d ago

Amazon? Best Buy? Target? Walmart?

With the first two having great deals. Need GameStop for what?

_-EDMIX-_346d ago

Because Gamestop many times might have deals better then Amazon, Best Buy, Target or Walmart.

All are needed.

I want the best deal regardless of where its coming from.

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