It Looks Very Likely That Every Future Rockstar Games Release Will Have A GTA Online Style Mode

ThisGenGaming said "Take Two discussed monetization after video releases, and by the sounds of it, don't be surprised if every future Rockstar Games title has some kind of take on GTA Online. Red Dead 2 being the first after GTA Online."

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PhoenixUp228d ago

Well obviously. Why would they ever remove the feature

DiceAndRice228d ago

It's not about "removing" it's about adding. Take Bully for example, that didn't have an online component like GTA Online but if there's a Bully 2, you can be sure to expect their take on a GTA Online in the Bully universe which is fully monetized through some form of microtransactions.

-Foxtrot228d ago

They could just focus on the single player in GTA and evolve it over the years until the next GTA game

Least then they can focus their efforts on the single player stuff in other games.

DiceAndRice228d ago

Have to remember in their eyes, single player DLC content is just a one time investment while an online component is unlimited with microtransactions.

FlameWater227d ago

keep dreaming don't be surprised if GTA 6 is always online.

shaun mcwayne228d ago

I would happily play the online part, I had fun with gta, I liked the movie editor too, please expand on that.

StuffAndThings227d ago

Im surprised they have not sold GTA Online as a stand alone yet

x_BlackRose227d ago

GTA Online should be free to play, the casuals that come along to play would absolutely spend on cash cards after a while.

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