Nintendo's Latest amiibo Offering With Metroid: Samus Returns Is Downright Scummy

Phil writes, "Nintendo's amiibo line has been a tremendous success for the company, bar the extremely overproduced Animal Crossing series that languished with great stock on store shelves before being severely reduced in price to clear said stock. The original appeal of amiibo figures was not just to be able to collect cool Nintendo characters--many of which would never receive a figure of any type any other way--but it was also to add value in games with extra bonuses and features.

However, Nintendo's latest use of amiibo with next month's Metroid: Samus Returns on the Nintendo 3DS seems to be taking the concept of locking content behind amiibo and doing so in a really scummy way to a good portion of fans. Has Nintendo gone too far with amiibo? And if so, is it worth boycotting Metroid: Samus Returns because of it?"

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Alexious470d ago

I've never been a big fan of amiibo and this proves my fears.

Neonridr470d ago

yeah, I don't mind optional costumes and things that are frivalous. I don't think game modes should be hidden behind the amiibos themselves though.

GuruStarr78469d ago

I think it's about time we got some worthwhile extras for buying amiibos. I don't care about costumes all that much and in addition, I probably won't even be getting Metroid 2 for 3DS, but I am getting the amiibos. I've moved on from the 3DS and use the Switch exclusively. It's asking a lot to carry two portable systems on your person. I hope they bring the game to the Switch eventually.

feraldrgn469d ago (Edited 469d ago )

Amiibos should just be for aesthetic bonuses, not valuable content.
If you're going to lock difficulty modes & the like behind them, then you should reduce the prices of the Amiibos to be about the same as regular DLC.

That or just have the difficulty mode in the game to begin with.

SR388469d ago

I adore Metroid its my fave thing ever... I do like amiibos I have like 100 but this is stupid and annoying... But hey I got both amiibos coming with the TS and the legacy edition ;p

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