Bioware Working on PS3... Just NOT Mass Effect

There was a rumor in CVG where they suggested that Bioware could be working on a PS3 version of Mass Effect.

However, it was just a twist of the whole original interview in which Myzuka never mentioned or suggested Mass Effect, which would be ridiculous considering that Microsoft is the publisher of the game.

Here's Gamespot Rumor Control for the Original Article.

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TheMART3917d ago


MS owns the rights to it

Sony fanboys hoping, Sony fanboys crying

So which exclusive did ran over to the green side? Oh well UT2007 did. Nice

God of Gaming3917d ago

Published by kinda hints at this.

borncult3917d ago

As far as I can remember,Microsoft bought Bioware a few years back,so how is this possible???

Dusk3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Leave it to the fanboy rumor mongors.


Microsoft doesn't own Bioware. MS has, however, bought exclusive rights to certain Bioware franchises, like Jade Empire and Mass Effect.

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