Operation Raccoon City dev had new Resident Evil title canned due to Star Wars Battlefront leaks

From GameWatcher: "Back in 2012 there was a news story about how Star Wars Battlefront 3 assets were found on the disc of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Developer Slant Six seemed to have been working on the next game in the Star Wars Battlefront series after both LucasArts and Free Radical (TimeSplitters) failed, although of course in the end the Star Wars license went to Disney and Electronic Arts got DICE to make the third Battlefront game."

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Jinger379d ago

I don't want anything from the devs who made Operation Racoon City haha

0Day379d ago

Amen bretheren. That game was over promised and under delivered... 💯

GamesMaster1982379d ago

I for one enjoyed Operation Raccoon City on the PS3, played coop with my brother. Its 100 million times better than that garbage Umbrella Corp on this gen consoles.