If Streaming Red Dead Redemption To Your PC Isn't Good Enough, This Emulator Wants Your Faith

From GameWatcher: "Rockstar's track record with the PC platform is one the more inconsistent stories in gaming. While Grand Theft Auto once thrived on the open scene as it ventured into 3D, both GTA IV and GTA V took their time to make the jump from consoles. Max Payne 3 took no time at all, but Red Dead Redemption - and it's upcoming sequel - enjoy skipping it completely."

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JamieReleases377d ago

That's streaming, this would be actually emulating the disc, giving you better quality :)

bluefox755377d ago

Not currently it isn't, it'll get there eventually though, but it's been very slow moving.

kevnb377d ago

when will they learn we dont want to stream games from someone elses computer?