After Playing Mario + Rabbids Kingdom For A Few Hours...It Rules

Nintendo's take on XCOM 2 isn't all kiddy and simplistic like we feared.

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TheGamersGhost229d ago

I was super hesitant about a tactical Mario game, but after seeing a lot of coverage on it, I'm surprised by how much I want to play it.

The 10th Rider228d ago

Seeing the development lead's passion for the project certainly helped as well. It's clearly a real passion project for the team and it'll be great to see if they succeed. If the game does well I hope Ubisoft keeps the team together and Nintendo partners with them again.

TekoIie228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Game looks solid!

Only thing that worries me how much content is in the game. It'd be nice if we could get info from the devs as to how long the game is.

I really hope it's good to promote other devs to go into partnerships with Nintendo.

porkChop228d ago

I hope this does well so we can get another Super Mario RPG or new collaborations.

BeOpenMinded228d ago

This is so right up my alley. Glad to see they took a leap with something like this

LoveSpuds227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

Shame on all the naysayers in my opinion. I get pretty frustrated by the poor attitude of the games media and portions of the game playing public who's first instinct is to be negative about games before they release.

Too many games fall victim to completely unjustified negativity before they release and this is a perfect example of when the media got it completely wrong and kicked up a fuss for what? Clicks to their shitty websites.

All that vitriolic negativity was based on nothing but a rumour of a game, people knew nothing at all about it. I am so happy that this game looks so good and I cannot wait to play it to find out if it's as good as it appears.

It's also yet another example of just how important art style is in videogames and that raw power is not everything as, in my opinion, the games visuals look incredible.

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