Is Call of Duty 2 worth playing today?

Games Asylum: "Call of Duty 2 and Guitar Hero 2 have more in common than having the same publisher. Both represent their respective franchises before being propelled into the big leagues. Once Activision realised their potential, both received bigger budgets and sizeable marketing pushes. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, these two sequels arguably illustrate each series at their purest".

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Supernintendo85382d ago

Any game is worth playing, if it appeals to you.

strayanalog382d ago

You beat me to it! But, yes, this exactly.

boomtube1987382d ago

No its lame. I have it and its bad but good the best shooter that year of release.

T1125P382d ago

Who comes up with these stupid articles LOL.

strayanalog382d ago

Who doesn't want to play a game with "Big Red One" in its title?

NonShinyGoose382d ago

That was the PS2/Xbox version.

Nesflix382d ago

Best memories on Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2.

Too bad I can't find a single game on PC. I'd even settle for a 1 on 1.