Sony Comments on PS4 Console Cycle; Updates on Fate/Grand Order and Mobile Everybody's Golf

Sony Deputy President Kenichiro Yoshida comments on the trends of the PS4 console cycle, and updates on the performance of Fate/Grand Order and Everybody's Golf for iOS and Android.

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DeadSilence230d ago

I can't believe fate does over 2 million dollars a day only on App Store, that is freaking scary dude wtf

That's like 750M a year only on one store, scary.

OmnislashVer36229d ago

Just imagine if that money went towards a console game by someone like Platinum... I'd buy in a heartbeat.

Pancit_Canton229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

I think Sony should put LBP, Ape escape, PaRappa the rapper, Loco Roco and Patapon on their mobile venture. They need more exposure from the world.

_-EDMIX-_229d ago

They'd probably do pretty good.

I think LBP could work well, same with Loco Roco