BioWare Montreal Merging with Motive Studios

Electronic Arts have confirmed that BioWare Montreal, the developer behind Mass Effect: Andromeda, will be officially merging with EA's Motive Studios.

An official EA spokesperson informed TechRaptor that this statement is indeed accurate, and the two teams will be merging.

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narsaku476d ago

So like, take the stool from the toilet and mix it in with the bath salts in your hottub?

Now, while that was very inappropriate.. I also don't really care as I payed 100 bucks for a AAA game, and got an Greenlit steam game instead.

_-EDMIX-_476d ago


I don't know whats more questionable.

How EA treated this game

or that you payed $100 for a game that almost every preview warned you about in terms of issues?

narsaku476d ago

So you're saying you're confused about me buying a game from universally acclaimed IP based on a couple bloggers playing a demo at a con?..

I knew about the game having some ridiculous quirks, but I was unaware that the game was a complete disaster cover up. If I was, "and more importantly, everyone was", the game wouldn't have sold millions of copies, right?

ME is one of the greatest games/trilogies ever made. It's legend. Sometimes a leap of faith isn't unwarranted. It just didn't pay off this time.

_-EDMIX-_476d ago

@Nar- "ME is one of the greatest games/trilogies ever made. It's legend"

Thats nice, but you knew this going in "I knew about the game having some ridiculous quirks"

Also add that it wasn't made by the same team.

Thats enough to question the outcome. I mean, sure you could buy it day 1, but to spend $100 on it?

Buddy, you were forewarned by just too many who were previewing it.

Heck, you could have even got the discount if you have prime that lets you get it 20% off up to 2 WEEKS after release.

Soooo you could have still got it and STILL understood something was wrong with it, no one FORCED you to spend $100 DAY 1 for this game.

"Sometimes a leap of faith isn't unwarranted"

Yea no. I don't support ignorance. You understood what you got yourself into. I played all the Mass Effects too and I still passed on this game. The previews ALONE were enough for me to play a wait and see and I was correct to. You can't complain about how a game turned out, yet also ignore previewers telling you something is wrong, yet ignore even reviews and buy it day 1.

That was your choice buddy.

Live and learn, now you know not to buy games based on "faith" while ignoring real facts and logic.

narsaku476d ago

Yea, I questioned it. But I question a lot of things in my life.. It doesn't mean I'm going to give up believing in something that's done me right 3+ times before and turn my back on it based on a few bloggers looking for clicks.

If it wasn't for the fantastic track record ME has kept in the past I may have been a bit more reluctant, like I was with No Mans Sky, but it's not the end of the world.

..The previews didn't show how bad the game was, just that it had some quirks. A rough cutscene animation here, a stiff rocket pack jump there.. Certainly it didn't showcase characters merging like yu gi oh cards in cutscenes to form one npc or having them talk to me in a conversation and then crash into a wall and fly into outer space, or having female npc's on your crew voiced by the krogan for some reason etc etc etc etc etc.

..I don't know where your rant about being forced to buy games came from, but I think you're arguing with someone else. Also, I'm not interested in that thing your trying to do/start with me. Maybe you should consider taking a break for a few hours.

_-EDMIX-_476d ago

Buddy if you like the Mass Effect series don't get me wrong I'm not telling you to not like it.

I'm simply saying those previewers gave enough objective points about the game about its performance for you to be forewarned.

Part of you is complaining about the games terrible performance but another part of you is willfully ignorant to the previewers that were telling you this in the first place.

Whenever a game switches development Studios what I've seen any way it is statistically likely it is going to flop I've seen it too many times to think otherwise

You could look at Dead Rising now versus when it originally released you could look at Devil May Cry vs when Ninja Theory did their version you could look at actually many series that randomly got a different developer in the game ended up being trash.

Hearing that it was not going to be the exact one hundred percent team was enough to put me on notice

hearing about the previews was enough to make me not buy it day one and have to wait to hear reviews.

You chose to ignore that. All you have to do is read the comments on this website or any website to be honest the weeks before its release about people who are very worried about the games current state.

No game preview was going to tell you 100% exactly how the performance of the final game is going to be, there is no excuse to ignore what's being stated about the previews of this game especially considering their objective they're not somebody just telling you they think the performance is jacked up for a fact there was multiple issues.

Mind you I still plan to buy and play Mass Effect but clearly I was smart enough to read those previews and understand that the game just did not warrant a day one purchase especially considering it's not by the main development team and especially considering all of the bad previews that the game received.

Mass Effect Andromeda is not a bad game but dear God it is not worth a day one purchase at $60 let alone $100!!!!

That's your fault buddy.

I mean consider you're telling me that you don't want to give up in some sort of faith that you had for a series for three games but you're also putting your faith in a different team that did not even make the majority of those games only a few of the original members did.

I mean that's no excuse to be ignorant Are you seriously trying to tell me that if a Mass Effect game was coming out tomorrow and it was made by the team that's part of EA that makes their cell phone games ,you telling me that you would just ignore all logic and ignore all previews and just buy it?

So what were you having faith in exactly? The actual development team that actually physically made Mass Effect or are you telling me you simply had faith in simply the name alone?

I mean that is some extreme blind ignorance.

I only like an intellectual property as much as I like its Developers. So as much as I like Metal Gear Solid 5 there's no way in hell I'm buying metal gear solid survive
You might want to educate yourself on who makes your games because that probably could have saved you from spending $100 for a game that had a development team that didn't even make the games that you are even having faith in in the first place.

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Bigpappy476d ago

Wow. I am strongly with you on this one. If I have been playing a series for years and I am craving more of that formula, I don't use reviews or previews to guide my choice.

If ES6 drops tomorrow, I will buy ES6 tomorrow. No preview. No review.

_-EDMIX-_475d ago

I would only feel that way about the Elder Scrolls 6 if I knew the exact team that made the previous Elder Scrolls was making it but if it was a completely different team in the previewers are telling me of a host of serious issues than yes I'm actually going to wait even as being a huge Elder Scrolls fan.

That doesn't mean I'm going to automatically buy anything with the words Elder Scrolls on it especially if it's actually not by the main team.

I mean the only thing you're actually really saying is you're just as ignorant as this dude.

I mean you're saying you're not going to use previews or reviews or guides in regards to your choice but what if those previews and reviews are telling you that formula that you love is been removed?

I mean did you think I blindly bought Resident Evil 6 just because it had the title Resident Evil in it? Reading that the formula had been completely altered and it was now an action game as opposed to a survival horror game literally made me decide to not purchase it

I don't buy games simply based on the name alone.

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opinionated476d ago

Knew it! My guess was liquidation but close enough.

StuffAndThings475d ago

Poor Jade stuck with Biowares shitty team