Halo 5 to Remove Team Skirmish Playlist

Developer 343 Industries has announced that Halo 5 is losing one of its multiplayer playlists with week. The announcement was made in their weekly blog post which also provides the reasons behind this decision.

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Summons75475d ago

Wow, 343i taking away more Halo staples after getting a ton a crap for the last stunt they pulled and promising to listen to fans. Watch out for Halo 6 with no Masterchief, no split screen, no space, no armor, no guns. no forge mode.

Sciurus_vulgaris475d ago

Skirmish obviously wasn't a staple list, if very few people were playing it.

Erik7357475d ago

Yep there lies the problem. I would like it if they got rid of sprint and dash.

Krysis475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

@eric as a long time halo fan I think that's the dumbest thing ever. It was stupid that a genetically enhanced super soldier with state of the art armor could not sprint. I mean that's the most idiotic thing and can't be reasonably explained.

475d ago
4Sh0w475d ago (Edited 475d ago )


Did you really just compare real life Special Forces to a fictional sci-fi shooter that is Halo? Also yes Special Forces soldiers do sprint in the open battlefield, moving from cover and concealment to engage targets or evacuate from a current location and in many other combat situations. You have no idea what you're talking about.

I'm also a longtime Halo fan and I completely agree with Krysis, sprint open is good for the game, opens up the gameplay. 343 know what they are doing, they have been constantly supporting Halo5, Team Skirmishes isn't playing that much so why not kill it, then add new content and grow the modes that get heavy playtime.

WePlayDirty475d ago

@Krysis.... sprinting and dashing changes the game mechanics/thus changes aspects of the level design of the map. When you’re just walking in a map that’s meant for people to sprint, you’re then not playing a game that was intended by the developers. It honestly doesn’t matter if a ‘super soldier’ couldn’t run or dash in a campaign mission. Lore is a bad excuse

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You're a known Nintendo fanboy so I'm sure you really couldn't careless about halo's playlist. So maybe you should run along and play a game that has FAR LESS of a play list than Halo. Maybe then you would actually care. There's your relevance.

Summons75475d ago

How am I a "Nintendo fanboy"? I own an Xbox One, Ps4, and yes the Switch because I am the exact opposite of a fanboy. Unlike you I enjoy ALL game systems. But keep talking about things that aren't relevant to the topic. 343I dropped the ball with Halo5 in multiple ways. You can stroke them and MS but fans of Halo from the beginning will call them out on their BS.

shinrock475d ago

Sooooo, you don't play halo then?

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franwex475d ago

Was never a big fan of that lists. If i was gonna do something like that, ill just go Big Team Battle, or just simple slayer. Guess i was not the only one with that sentiment.

ninsigma475d ago

Obviously not done without reason. Interested to know why remove it once it's there though, even if few people are playing it.