Gran Turismo Sport hands-on: Content vs quality

An extensive hands-on with Gran Turismo Sport at Polyphony Digital’s Tokyo headquarters.

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SlappingOysters268d ago

Project Cars 2 landing a month before GT is bad timing - I wonder if the series still has fans.

freshslicepizza267d ago

GT will sell welll based on its name.

LexHazard79267d ago

agree but also in gameplay and looks ..its no slouch in that department.

whitesoxfalife76267d ago

Godmars, why did you bring Forza into a topic that wasn't even about Forza in the article.

fr0sty267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Same reason Slapping brought PC2 in? lol

GT is the most popular racing franchise on earth (77 million GT games sold to date), launching for the most popular console on earth (these aren't opinions, but facts based on sales). It will do just fine regardless of what PC2 does. Look at how well PC sold (2 million) against GT5 (12 million) or GT6 (5 million), and it was multiplatform!

mandingo267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Then, they will see what a piece of crap it really is. 150 cars! What a joke. How did they only manage 150 cars when Forza has 700? Unexceptable.

butchertroll267d ago

Did you played beta, moldy? Driving physics are great.

Btw. did you know that also GT3 had a similar cars numbers lije GTS and also similar number of tracks. And guess what, GT3 sold the most. Game was great and it was first GT for PS2. Maybe similar will be with GTS.

InTheLab267d ago

I'm sure you were outraged when Forza launched on the Xbox1 with similar car counts...

freshslicepizza267d ago

"Did you played beta, moldy? Driving physics are great."

No but I hjave played every GT up until GT5. The physics have always been good.

"Btw. did you know that also GT3 had a similar cars numbers lije GTS and also similar number of tracks. And guess what, GT3 sold the most. Game was great and it was first GT for PS2. Maybe similar will be with GTS."

It also had a deep campaign made and could be played offline. How many circuits did it have because GT Sport will only have 27.

Kleptic267d ago

People can say w/e they want about the franchise. It definitely 'is' the most popular overall racing franchise in terms of sales, at least 'mostly-sim' wise. but to say we're in the middle of GT's glory days and keep a straight off.

There is an issue with relevance when it comes to Gran Turismo, and everyone continues to ignore it. GT5 took too long and under delivered overall. There's no other way to put it. Since 2004, not one Gran Turismo game has made any from of lasting impact in the way the earlier titles did before. Saying that objectively; it's the last GT game i've purchased, owning everything before it, and there is a reason for that. PS1 and PS2 era? The franchise went unmatched. Forza's first outing on the original Xbox was surprisingly good, though...and then it was 2010...with several Forza's in the middle for MS/Turn 10 to work out kinks (and PD only pushing GT: Prologue as some sort of 'hint' at what was coming...?) ...and all of a sudden Polyphony may have lost touch with their fanbase...And as a series fan from 1998...I promise, for me at least, they haven't yet got it back.

Either way, hope this one does well...but a ton of people sitting around like it's fall 2003 and pushing and shoving about how GT Sport is going to be a direct sequel to GT3 Aspec, and how this franchise can't be touched?...times have changed...significantly..

Liqu1d267d ago

@whitesoxfalife Funny how you said nothing when TeamLitt brought Forza up in one of the first comments on this article but you have a problem with Godmars doing it. Wouldn't have anything to do with TeamLitt being a fellow Xbox "fan" would it?

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LP-Eleven267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Bad for PC2. GT is a far, FAR bigger IP!

For those unaware of what this series sells, it's time to do some reseacrh:

The lowest selling mainline GT title, GT6, sold 5 million units as of Mar 31 (on the heels of the PS4's launch, so it made sense). That still puts it head-and-shoulders above the original Project CARS.

Imalwaysright267d ago

It will be the best selling exclusive of the year and one of the biggest games of the year.

Death267d ago

With 150 cars and 27 circuits it's pretty light on content for a console that has been on shelves for 4 years. Quality over quantity is only true if GT Sport has higher quality over competing racers. Surely it will sell better than Project Cars and Forza 7, but sales won't be based on content. GT always had a huge following and it will be interesting to see how Sport sells compared to previous outings.

LP-Eleven267d ago

@ Death: Totally irrelevant to my post.

jerethdagryphon267d ago

Gt5 sold more then the entire forza franchise

Death267d ago


Which part of my comment is not relevant to yours? We are both discussing GT sales and what we expect to happen. GT6 is the last in the series to release and was also the lowest selling at 5 million. The series peaked at 15 million with GT3 and dropped to just under 12 million for GT4 and GT5. At 5 million GT6 sold extremely well, but is still a significant drop and shows a pretty strong decline in sales trends. I'm not sure what to expect out of GT Sport with 150 cars and 27 circuits when GT6 sold less than half of GT5 with over 1200 cars and 100 tracks. GT is a huge IP with with close to 65 million games sold, but sales have been declining and if the trend isn't broken with GT Sport, the game will be lucky to hit 2 million. I'm not sure if reducingcars and tracks and removing most of the single player game is the answer.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen267d ago


Gran Turismo has a following, mainly in Europe and Japan. It will sell 2 million within the first month easily. I guess you missed the positive information coming from people who have been participating in the beta? Of course you did.

LP-Eleven267d ago

@ Death: IGiveHugs said it best. Just stop.

shloobmm3267d ago

Yes but there has been a sharp decline over the last few releases.

LP-Eleven267d ago

@shbloom: No. There was only a "sharp decline" between GT5 and GT6, and it was due to the PS4's launch (as I noted).

Death267d ago


With 80 million PS3's sold, you can't blame PS4's release a few weeks earlier for GT6's decline in sales. Sony could have moved the launch earlier if that was the case.


Positive info is great, but that doesn't necessarily translate into increased sales. GT Sport might sell very well, but the trend has been decreasing and the fact the game is more like a Prologue in scale without traditional single player doesn't sound like a good plan.

IRetrouk267d ago

Death i didnt buy gt6 because i had already bought a ps4, so yeah the ps4 release deff had an effect, the game still sold close to 6 mill, which is better than any forza, project cars or ac has ever achieved, and all this talk about no single player content is silly, it hasnt been confirmed or denied in any way lol, also you honestly thing gt is only gonna sell 2 mill? Because of content you dont actually know is there or not?? But you forget everything the game is doing, exclusive concepts, real online cups and tournaments with real prizes and stuff being awarded on stage with real fia drivers, then you have the chance to earn a real life race licence, and thats not even going into the actual point of the game, to race cars, the physics and handling alone sets it apart from everything else out there, funny how single player is important now isnt it??

Mulando267d ago

Also don't forget, GT6 was a recylced GT5. This was the only way polyphony could launch the game so "fast" after GT5. The GT5 development cycle was just to much. I don't want to know how high the costs were.

C-H-E-F267d ago

PS4 is the reason why I didn't get GT6, my PS3 died and I didn't feel the need to buy another one to play GT6 so instead I picked up that need for speed rivals and have been itching for a GT game for 4 years now lOl.

IRetrouk266d ago

Exactly what happened to me chef, my ps3 laser went and i decided to get a ps4 instead, i regret not buying it as by all accounts it was a more polished gt5, but at the time the ps4 held more interest to me than just one game, tbh i thought they were gonna do a ps4 version like the last of us or gta 5, never happened though, so yeah gt sport...bring it lol

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Crazyglues267d ago

As someone who has been in GT Sport Beta, I can not wait for that game, it's amazing, but Project Cars 2 was a game I was not planing on getting, but since I'm a super racing game fan, I bought that too especial since it offers a different type of game when compared to GT Sport....

For one, the campaign I kinda liked in PC1 is was a little fun, Love the fact that there is so much customization that you can go into the game and get the feel how you like it if you are so tech involved, or find a nice YouTube video of someone who has already done this.. Which is what I did and it made me love the game..

-But if your money strapped, nothing should be before GT Sport, it's the best ever... if the beta is anything to go off of, it's the best it's ever been for a GT game, graphics awesome, Feel Awesome, Does what all GT games do but at that next level you expect and want for the new game.. Loved it.

yeahokwhatever267d ago

Which series are you talking about? GT or PC? Because PC is going to get crushed.

C-H-E-F267d ago

Nope, I'm passing on PC2, because it doesn't do much for me in terms of PC1 to PC2, they did such a great job on PC1, I don't see PC2 as a day 1, however GT will be day one, first game I preordered since MW2.

rainslacker267d ago

I don't think it would really matter. GT has mainstream recognition and appeal, whereas PC is more geared towards the hardcore racing fan, with more limited visibility.

I doubt it'll help sales among the hardcore though.

masterfox267d ago

ignorance at its finest.

TheTony316266d ago

Pcars isn't a threat to GT. GT is one of Sonys biggest franchises and sells extremely well in Europe and Japan.

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Team_Litt268d ago

Wonder if it will get the Forza Motorsport 5 treatment for launching with less cars and tracks than the previous iteration.

Doabarrelroll267d ago

Wonder if you stop being a baby and ignore fanboys and just let PS gamers enjoy their game

267d ago
Doabarrelroll267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Wahhh I called people the I word someone crucify me. Most of my comments are at trolls not normal people.

Theres nothing wrong with calling an idiot and idiot and the people I was referring too were idiots.

Now move along damn xbox fanboy apologists.

hamburgerhill267d ago

"Wonder if you stop being a baby and ignore fanboys and just let PS gamers enjoy their game"

Says the fanboy....lmao....gtfo!

Suave_Langosta267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

This is N4G! The home of fanboy cesspools, where if you say one thing about your platform of choice you get chased with torches and pitchforks.

But come on dude, I play all platforms, and your comment is super chingey. PS has the most hateful trolling community on this site, most likely because there are more PS players, but whatever. Just don't call the teapot black when youre a kettle.

P.S. all platform fanboys on this site are annoying, I'm just saying don't act like PS isn't guilty.

PFFT267d ago

As should you ignorant Sony fanboys let Xbox gamers enjoy theirs.

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Rude-ro267d ago

Do you mean the false advertisement of its looks or content?
I think more people were picking on forza 5 for the graphical differences from what was shown to be the product.

Bruh267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Not really, plenty of people, including reviewers, shat on it because it lacked cars, lacked tracks and content in general. FM5's graphics were widely noted as a good leap from FM4, however it felt like a pro-logue to FM6 vs a full fledged game.

andrewsquall267d ago

Don't forget it would need to have only 11 tracks like the first Gran Turismo to hit that all time Forza 5 low................... that, like a Zelda game, still got 9/10s across the board regardless how awful, contentless and downgraded it was.

Death267d ago

Forza 5 shipped with 200 cars and 17 circuits and was a launch game in 2013. GT Sport is shipping with less cars, but more circuits at 150 and 27. I'm not sure that is the goal I would be shooting for in 2017.

IRetrouk267d ago

What does it matter to you, you aint gonna be playing it lol

Mulando267d ago

No, it won't. There are enough fanboys arround writing those articles. ;)
But I really don't get it why a racer must have that many cars. In the "good" old times you were happy if a racer had 30 cars. Nowadays it's just to much.

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CP_Company267d ago

this is not real GT,this is just GT named game focus on online gaming.
fans waited almost all gen for proper GT game-GT 7 and got this gimmick.
ech,so we gonna wait til PS5 hits before we get proper GT game.
how some people says: they drop the ball...

Dragonscale267d ago

GT Sport has a full career mode as well as psvr compatibility. The beta was great fun, nothing gimmicky about it and you obviously didn't read the article. If you think this is the same as gt prologue think again.

CP_Company267d ago

no,it does not have proper career mode as titles before.this all game is about online gaming.
i could happy if this game had been like GTA 5,where you get single player as before and other part as online.but now? i like Sony a lot,but i am not blind fanboy,Forza 7 gonna crush this game because people still wants that kind of games,because there is a plenty GT Sports type of game in the market!

andrewsquall267d ago

I agree. This is more like GT7 Prologue than a GT game. The "single player campaign" is just a bunch of crappy "missions", no cups or race championships and stages to go through. AVOIDING this like the plague.

mcstorm267d ago

This game reminds me of GT on the psp. Was not the best at all. I lost my hype for gt last gen and don't feel it for this one to I also notice a few other people who are GT fans are more excited about project cars 2 than GT so sales will be an interesting one this time round for GT sport. Each to there own though some prefer get some prefer forza some prefer project cars and some prefer others. That said great time to be a racing fan and have plenty of choices.

Godmars290267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

No footage...which would look like any other footage from a racing game...?

Oh wait, there is footage.

And it's just like every other racing game...

sizeofyou267d ago

Don't like racing games...then don't buy.
Millions will...

ILostMyMind267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Every racing game is like any other racing game.

Godmars290267d ago

Death Race? Taxi? Demolition derby?

I can I at lest get a Spy Hunter?

Killa78267d ago

The beta was incredible, I do think the lack of content is an issue though.

Going to miss career mode :(

Dragonscale267d ago

I played the beta too and there is a career mode. It was greyed out in the beta so unavailable, but is in the full game. The beta is purely a server test.

Killa78267d ago

From what they've shown, the career mode is essentially the license mode where it teaches you how to race.

There's an arcade mode which will is for general racing but no 'cup mode'.

However saying that, there's an emphasis on earning credits so there might be daily challenges?

Ju267d ago

Maybe it'll help reading the article or watching the embedded video which explicitly goes through career mode...before spouting nonsense