Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age's Remastered Look Comes at a Cost

Kotaku: "In my first few minutes with the PS4 HD remaster of Final Fantasy XII I was awestruck by how fresh it looked. As a recent blog post by designer Robert Yang explains, however, the new game’s new coat of paint seems to have come at the expense of its soul."

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PiNkFaIrYbOi173d ago

Depending on what sort of tv/screen you used for the comparisons it have a huge difference.

CobraKai173d ago

On a CRT television, FFXII on PS2 still looks phenomenal.

k2d173d ago

Not on PAL, it didn't. This game seems to have been made with higher resolution in mind.

The poor graphics where the sole reason this became the first title in the series I left alone after 2 hours of game time.

Aceman18173d ago

Looks great on my OLED so i can't complain lol.

-Gespenst-173d ago

Definitely some good points in this one. Blurry and almost painterly impressionism trumps noisy levels of super sharp detail. A lot of ps2 remasters suffer from this a bit though. They're too sharp and crisp, and I feel that this makes them less immersive.

naruga173d ago

I totally agree ...that s why they should leave games to the system they were first appeared

gamer7804173d ago

or do a proper remaster taking these things into account and updating textures and more

PhoenixUp173d ago

At least they fixed Vaan's abs

CobraKai173d ago

It's funny, because a lot of his arguments held true with Okami. The PS2 version had a distinct watercolor art style that was lost when remastered.

Jon_Targaryen173d ago

I'll stick to the PCX2 version, thanks...

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The story is too old to be commented.