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FallenAngel1984354d ago

The series hasn't been on a Nintendo platform since 2013

Neonridr353d ago

yeah Black Flag was the last title for the Wii U.

ninsigma354d ago

No real surprise there and I doubt too many were realistically expecting it.

Razzer353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

Need to file this away. Let's see.

"That sucks"
"Meh" we are.

"No shit"

_-EDMIX-_353d ago (Edited 353d ago )


I bet Nintendo apologist will quickly just say they could change their minds.

This isn't really shocking that many Publishers are specifically picking the titles they put on Nintendo systems, Nintendo is the company that continued to aim their image towards younger audiences so there should not be a shock when you're starting to see mature type games stay away from that platform.

I mean you could only alienate a series for so long by continuously making week or systems until that series is a permanent fixture somewhere else.

So when Ubisoft is working on a next-generation PlayStation 5 in Xbox game that you seriously honest-to-god believe a switch version is going to happen?

All that's going to happen is they're going to make a brand new series and once again the cycle repeat itself where the vast majority of that series of fans will be Playstation Xbox and PC gamers.

If Nintendo wants to make a week system they should expect zero support by Third parties in regards to AAA top-tier games that are also appearing on Rival platforms.

If they want to gain rival platforms games they need to meet or beat.

It's literally become commonplace that 98% of third party games will not be on Nintendo platforms.

scarface0121353d ago

But yet your on 100% of nintendo articles spewing garbage. Google LIFE and then get one immediately.

StuffAndThings353d ago

Yet by comparison developers had to learn a whole new system with the Cell on PS3 & that started out with a very low install base first few years

_-EDMIX-_352d ago


Yet was powerful enough to still support the top AAA titles at the time, that choice of cell still cost them many titles.

Left 4 Dead series

The Crew came to 360 and not PS3 because of that exact issue.

wonderfulmonkeyman353d ago

And haters, such as yourself, keep on spewing that same tired and nonsensical line about Nintendo consoles not getting third party games "that matter".
You wouldn't have gotten the new Assassin's Creed on Switch even if it had shown up, just like you and your like-minded buddies skipped the Wii U despite it having good versions of big third party franchises that you claimed "it needs in order to sell."
Just sit down and stop spinning your BS at us. We all know by now that you don't want to give the Switch any shred of a chance, and it shows every time you show up in an article and start saying it has no none-first-party games.

Neonridr353d ago

well he would have to own a Switch first.. which he doesn't. But he likes to pretend like he actually knows how bad the system is without any first hand experience. Hypocrite is a term that comes to mind..

DarkKaine353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

Nobody gets 3rd party games on Nintendo consoles because we live in an age where people *surprise surprise* own multiple consoles.
If you can choose between Assassin's Creed with beautiful graphics or a toned down version lacking many features with a reduced amount of enemies on screen, altered missions and having jaggies and slowdowns all over the place guess what they're going to get. It sure as hell isn't the version with compromises. People with at least 2 braincells will go for the most impressive version on a technical level, not the version they can take anywhere and play on the go. They'd rather bring their normal console and plug it into a TV to play the game the developers intended it to be instead of a frigging meme port.
If you bought a switch and were expecting to play Assassin's Creed for some reason you should have known that wasn't going to happen. But don't fret, there's this gorgeous Teletubbies Rabbids game for you to play ;)

On another note, I'm not sure why I'm even commenting on this as the franchise is boring af. Still waiting for a new Prince of Persia game.

_-EDMIX-_352d ago

@Wonder- "We all know by now that you don't want to give the Switch any shred of a chance"

How when I'm still getting one?

Also, I'm not Ubisoft, or Sega, or Square or Capcom, or EA etc that are skipping putting their top titles on this platform.

Topic, lets stay on it.

DragonKnight352d ago

I think people need to be honest about Nintendo and Third party games. Defending Nintendo doesn't help anyone, not even Nintendo. When you deny that Nintendo doesn't know what they are doing when it comes to third party offerings, you're enabling Nintendo to have a subpar total library of games on their consoles. You're also depriving Nintendo fans of good games. People NEED to be hard on Nintendo about this. Same way people were hard on Microsoft for the Xbox One launch, or PS3 for it's entire existence, or any number of other events where being hard got the right results in the Future.

Because arguing over semantics like deciding that what one person considers to be an unimportant game, another considers to be important, is the wrong way to go. You liking the Mario/Rabbids crossover means nothing. What matters is why isn't the Switch getting this game, or that game, and why does it keep happening? What can we do to make Nintendo wake up, brush off the cobwebs of their ancient, slow moving company, and finally bring Nintendo forward into the Present Day in a way that makes everyone really want a Switch or whatever next console Nintendo releases.

People need to stop defending these companies. You're making your own gaming life worse by doing so.

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PhoenixUp353d ago

Most major third parties will treat NS in a similar fashion to how they treated Wii.

Segata352d ago

No not really. UE4 games take a single button press to get running on the Switch. Unlike Wii the NS uses a modern chipset to that's in it's favor. It's getting a lot of Japanese support but as for western. It's still getting games at retail like Telltale Batman from the west. Tat new IP Ubisoft space games coming to it. It's getting pretty decent support and not party games.

SinkingSage352d ago

It's not that simple, yes UE4 can run on switch, but too many things going on at once, very good textures and effects and it won't work.

PhoenixUp352d ago

Even so you still see various third party publishers neglecting to put a lot of their major games on NS

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