First gameplay of Chinese Dark Souls clone 'Sinners'

How close is too close? Chinese game developer Darkstar Games is walking that line with their upcoming Souls-clone, 0;Sinner. The game was announced at Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia’s ChinaJoy (yes that’s the name) 2017 press conference.

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narsaku234d ago

..Not a fan of the, "story telling", camera movement at all.. Feels a little clunky to watch too, more like a high quality mod in the dreams engine than a standalone title imo.

But if the story is really good i'll give it a wing when it's done. It's probably still in development too so improvement may come?

Giraiga13234d ago

So you don't like story telling in games but you hope for the game to have a good story? Okay...

HollowKnight234d ago

Naah the guy playing Is just bad.

shloobmm3233d ago

Clunky? It doesn't get any clunkier than the souls series.

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Miss_Weeboo234d ago

He's chuggin estus like a freaking alcoholic... there's a partizan and a flamberge, and Nito (or is it a pinwheel?)... I'd love to try this

PurpHerbison234d ago

This doesn't look that bad. I'm kinda excited for some chinese games.

kevnb234d ago

Doesn't look very fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.