CoD: Black Ops III Double Duty Pack Sales Support Veterans

Call of Duty has been an epic money-making franchise for years and now they are putting their money where their hearts are. Activision’s charity, the Call of Duty Endowment, works to help veterans get hired in a good job after they have finished their active duty. CoD: Black Ops III will be releasing Double Duty […]

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Ghost_of_Tsushima114d ago

“CoD: Black Ops III Double Duty Pack Sales Support Veterans”

Nice they do this. I just wish they’d give map packs free to everyone so it doesn’t split the user base up!

Krysis112d ago

I wonder if your disagree was about helping veterans or free dlc, cause I can't understand why anyone would not want both.

TheUndertaker85112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Except their comment didn't add anything about the CODE program. It was literally a copy/paste of the title here on N4G.

In other words all they did was beg for free stuff, insinuating content like this which grants 100% of what it makes to CODE should be free. Which would remove a source of funding for the same program.

The comment in this instance does the opposite of help veterans. It's nothing more than greedy and selfish.

"Activision stated: “The Endowment has funded more than 37,000 job placements, at an average cost-per-placement of $552, with an average starting salary of $56,784, and with a six-month retention rate of 88 percent. The Endowment hopes to place 50,000 vets into high-quality careers by 2019.” This new Double Duty pack will help them achieve this goal by adding in more funding to their charity."

What the proceeds from the CODE program have provided to veterans. Where Activision doesn't make a dime and actually gives revenue it makes from Call of Duty titles.

Programs like Wounded Warrior do not even donate 100% of what the charity makes, instead using part of their proceeds as pay and for business expenses. That's why I disagreed. I'll state I did too. Individuals can have a little respect for the topic instead of using it as an opportunity to pander for something free.

TheUndertaker85112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

All CODE items in game and out benefit the CODE program 100%. Activision even gives some of the revenue they make from Call of Duty to the CODE program.

CODE is a non-profit that helps put veterans into different fields after they return. 100% of proceeds go directly to that. The CODE program is amazing. I pick up any CODE items I can get.

zeal0us112d ago

How much actually going to vets?

TheUndertaker85112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

100% of CODE donations or CODE item purchases goes toward the program. Further unlike Wounded Warrior proceeds do not pay individuals working for the non-profit or for business related trips/expenses.

Activision has also dipped into revenue they make from Call of Duty specifically to donate to the endowment.

TheUndertaker85108d ago

Absolutely. I have to say that hands down CODE is one of the best non-profits out there and really are non-profit. They produce results for veterans and are dedicated to their cause.