CoD: Black Ops III Double Duty Pack Sales Support Veterans

Call of Duty has been an epic money-making franchise for years and now they are putting their money where their hearts are. Activision’s charity, the Call of Duty Endowment, works to help veterans get hired in a good job after they have finished their active duty. CoD: Black Ops III will be releasing Double Duty […]

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TheUndertaker85474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

All CODE items in game and out benefit the CODE program 100%. Activision even gives some of the revenue they make from Call of Duty to the CODE program.

CODE is a non-profit that helps put veterans into different fields after they return. 100% of proceeds go directly to that. The CODE program is amazing. I pick up any CODE items I can get.

zeal0us474d ago

How much actually going to vets?

TheUndertaker85474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

100% of CODE donations or CODE item purchases goes toward the program. Further unlike Wounded Warrior proceeds do not pay individuals working for the non-profit or for business related trips/expenses.

Activision has also dipped into revenue they make from Call of Duty specifically to donate to the endowment.

TheUndertaker85470d ago

Absolutely. I have to say that hands down CODE is one of the best non-profits out there and really are non-profit. They produce results for veterans and are dedicated to their cause.