How I programmed Final Fantasy XII to help me meet an impossible deadline

Final Fantasy XII's Gambit system is one of the most elegantly designed combat systems in gaming history. Effectively, you set a series of rules for each character in your party, defining how they will act in any given situation. It's like being the coach of a tightly knit MMO raiding squad, standing back to let them do their thing, but occasionally calling a time out to call the plays and adjust strategy. By expertly interlocking these rules, you can create incredibly powerful strategies that let the characters play the game autonomously. It lets you unleash your inner programmer, as you craft a series of 'if' and 'then' statements, trying to cater for every eventuality. Watching your toy soldiers march into battle and execute your commands with clockwork precision is still one of the most satisfying feelings in gaming, and it's Final Fantasy XII's lasting (if sadly forgotten) legacy.

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PhoenixUp502d ago

"It's Final Fantasy 12's lasting (if sadly forgotten) legacy."

I wouldn't say FFXII's battle system has been forgotten. Every non-MMO mainline FF title afterwards has had AI controlled party members.

Not to mention that other RPG franchises like Dragon Age & Xenoblade have battle systems that are very similar to FFXII's.