Persona Q2 and Dancing Game Announcements Leaked

Persona Q 2 might be announced due to a few leaks through domain names. But recently, another leak found out that there would also be a sequel/remake to Persona 4: Dancing All Night

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AizenSosuke451d ago

Yes bring on the goodness.

Araragifeels 451d ago

I would love another Persona on the PSVITA and it doesn't have to be a new title rather Persona 3 Remake for Vita. But I hardly believe Atlus would do such thing for a niche handheld.

DarXyde451d ago

With that P5 and SEGA money, never say never.

starboy11451d ago

I just hope it includes all 3 from persona 3,4, 5

FinalFantasyFanatic451d ago

If they do another Dancing All Night, I hope they include alot more variety and a slew of new original songs to go along with the remixes.

FinalFantasyFanatic450d ago

Why the disagrees? You have to admit P4's dancing all night was lacking songs and the remixes did get boring, it really needed more variety.

Prince_TFK451d ago

I reallu didn't like Persona Q1 that much, maybe due to steep difficulty or boring dungeon design.

As for the Persona Dancing game, I tried it and liked it abit better than Persona Q.

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