PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Stream Sniping Ban Is Shady and Unjust

Recently a player was banned after repeatedly killing an extremely popular pair of Twitch streamers after both streamers and their viewers accused the player of "stream sniping." It seems like developer Bluehole will side with the streamers who make their game popular, especially since Stream Sniping can't be proven. Details and evidence at the link.

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SirBillyBones114d ago

Stream sniping can't be proven? When a player kills a streamer, then pops up immediately in the next round and makes a beeline straight for them, it's pretty obvious. You can spot them a mile away.

vallencer114d ago

What? How? Like really explain this comment to me please. Stream sniping is a real and very much bs thing. Glad some companies are making a point to try and stop it in aome capacity.

MetalGearsofWar114d ago

"How dare he find my stream and location, this Is an unfair advantage"
Don't stream. It's that simple.

Anyway, the streamer cam always claim stream snipe at any kill and get his watchers to report.

narsaku114d ago


That's a really ignorant thing to say. Streaming is their career, and being harassed by angry, jealous sociopaths online does real emotional damage, especially if you're live in front of many strangers, day after day, year after year.

..Stalking someone then attempting to harass them to cause them anguish is against the law, no matter how much you may personally think it shouldn't apply because it's online. People just get away with it because the internet is a wild west mental illness breeding ground.

MetalGearsofWar114d ago

Do you need a safe space?

vallencer114d ago

Good explanation. Solid. That doesn't explain why it sounds like entitlement. Streaming is a career and a job. I mean people could just stop being dicks and play the game though. It's like telling someone to deal with harassment in the workplace. "Well just quite, it's that simple." Sure the laws of harassment in a workplace don't delve into online streaming/jobs but stream sniping someone over and over again or different people is harassment. They can always claim stream snipe you're right, however big streamers have been doing it for awhile and typically know when they are being stream sniped. With enough videos of their streams and clips it can be proven.

OffRoadKing114d ago

Streaming is his "career" apparently, which that comment in and of itself makes me want to vomit, people sitting around playing video games and getting paid for it has to be one of the stupidest things we as a society have created. Instead of going out and getting a real job we allow people like this to essentially digitally panhandle and foolish individuals actually have the audacity to give these people their money.

MetalGearsofWar114d ago

@ vallencer

So you're saying theres no such thing as an unfair ban due to being accused of stream sniping? It never happens? Lol. Stop streaming, get an actual job if playing games is too hard.

vallencer114d ago

Nope never said there wasn't anything such as an unfair ban. I never actually said that at all. I only stated that stream sniping is real and it's bs. I have no idea if this is unfair. My original point was stated. Just like you said a streamer can claim they were stream sniped well on the flip side a stream sniper can deny it. However it's still not impossible to tell if someone was stream sniping or not. I'm not sure who is supposed to get a "real" job other than streaming. Seeing as i don't stream for a living.


Streaming is just a form of entertainment. There isn't anything wrong with it being a career at all. Video games are huge! Video game competitions have been around for years and they made money off of those. Streaming is a branch of that in reality. People getting paid for what they're good at. I don't get why you and other people think streaming isn't a real job. They are essentially actors. You try talking to a camera and playing games for people to watch to make money. Plus I'm glad this form of entertainment exist because there's a lot of games out there and I can watch a play through of a game so I can buy less of them.

DragonKnight114d ago

I suggest that the "victims" of stream sniping take a hint from the Souls community (whose streamers always get stream sniped, even by hackers) and *ahem*

Git Gud

psyxon114d ago

It's against the rules of the game, so yes, it is entitlement. Everybody who plays a game is entitled to a fair and just gaming experience, hence why the rules for that game are enforced/in place. Don't like? Don't play it. Simple as that.

badz149114d ago

WAIT A people who stream their game get extra protection? you can't kill them or face being banned?? WTF? they purposely expose their location in a battle royale type game to whole wide world to see by streaming it and then cry foul play when spotted and killed? and Bluehole is siding with them on this? how is that make sense? so all I have to do is stream my session and report to the dev whenever I get killed? got it! /s

this is BS!

ravinash113d ago

I'm just wondering what are the chances of ending up in the same game as the person your monitoring?
Even if you were lucky enough to come across them in game when your watching their steam.... how likely is it to do the same thing in the next game?

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TXIDarkAvenger114d ago

Not really. I was watching Grimmmz where he kills someone and dies right after. Then they both end up in the same game and he calls them a stream sniper. There's no way to actually prove someone is stream sniping and now it just feels like any streamer especially big ones have the power to just blame every death on stream sniping to get people banned.

I'm not saying there aren't stream snipers but there isn't any 100% way to prove it.

wannabe gamer114d ago

weaksauce article makes you almost as braindead as the reddit thread about it all. salty kids

BrothersInsanity114d ago

Hahahaha Fuck your stupid website making me turn off adblocker. Not happening.

Cha0tik114d ago

Don't worry. It's not worth it anyways.

OffRoadKing114d ago

I just hit reload, scroll the screen down read what I can see, hit reload and scroll again, it works fine and you can still read the article lol.

Liqu1d114d ago

Very shady. Banning people with no evidence is completely unjustified.

narsaku114d ago

Sometimes when your car starts wanting to veer off the road, it just needs a wheel alignment. Don't worry about it being a flat, or a bent frame.. Some things are just common sense.

Like with stream sniping, you can spot them a mile away. It's not difficult at all to tell.

Liqu1d114d ago

So if a streamer accused you of stream sniping with no evidence and got you banned you'd be cool with that?

DarkZane114d ago

Except in this case, there was no evidence he stream snipped at all. He shot someone and then the other guy heard it and killed him. Then he screamed stream sniper for no reason because he is a salty loser who can't accept he just sucks.

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