Box art revealed for physical versions of Wolfenstein: The Two-Pack

The box art has been revealed for the physical versions of Wolfenstein: The Two-Pack.

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CaitSith507d ago

Isn't stating box art and physical version in the same title redundant? Saying box art implies there's a physical version, lol.
Anyways, cool for people who haven't played the games in anticipation for the sequel.

gutteranthems507d ago

I never got around to playing Old Blood. How does it stand up against New Order?

CitizenFour507d ago (Edited 507d ago )

I believe its a prequel, so I just recently picked up the both of them and decided to play them. I also decided to start with Old Blood, being that it was a prequel, i figured it wouldn't' hurt to play it first. It takes place during WWII, where New Order takes place after WWII, with the Nazi Germany having won the war and taking over the whole world.

Still haven't finished New Order, but I just started it yesterday, so it won't be long. That being said, I can already tell you that I am enjoying it more than Old Blood.

Old Blood wasn't bad, but I didn't realize that it turned into a zombie game part way through which I didn't care for.

Overall though, I'm glad I decided to purchase the pair.

BrianOBlivion507d ago

It's stand-alone dlc, so it's more of the same awesomeness you played in New Order. There's more campaign content packed on the disc than most full fps games for about a third of the price. If you loved New Order, then you will love Old Blood.