Is PS4 update and PS Plus increase hiding BIG PlayStation Now surprise?

PSU thinks that the PlayStation Now service could be connected to the PS Plus price increase after new banners appeared on PlayStation Plus official page.

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Neonridr478d ago (Edited 478d ago )

I dunno.. because PS Now is still optional, and a big reason for creating that service was to allow people that didn't own a Sony console to be able to utilize the service, should they want to invest in it. Suddenly forcing it down every PS+ owner and making it mandatory seems a little silly to me. Bundling PS Now into PS+ but making people pay for it isn't exactly a "surprise hooray us!" sort of moment..

ImGumbyDammit478d ago

" big reason for creating that service was to allow people that didn't own a Sony console "

Well that big reason will gone August 15th. No other devices (save Windows PC & PS4) will be supported. And I really don't see the viability of PSNow on Windows, so lets just be honest it will really just be a PS4 service. And adding PSNow to Plus is no different than adding the free monthly games. You don't have to play either. If Sony does make this move and people continue to buy Plus at the same or more levels then it was a good business decision. But, if people talk with their wallets not just comments on websites and Sony takes a hit, then maybe they will change it.

It also has been noted that many places in Europe (paying the updated cost Plus) don't have PSNow. If this move is just to add PSNow than it be crappy move to increase the cost of Plus for something you won't have access to.(eg. paying but no play)

Neonridr478d ago

again, increasing the price to include an optional feature that most of us weren't using is pretty crappy. I didn't realize they were scrapping all the TV's and such from PS Now. But if they increase the price of PS+ here in NA and include PS Now, something I absolutely do not want to pay for, then that's a pretty crappy thing for them to force on me.

Kingthrash360478d ago (Edited 478d ago )

They've already increased the US price bro....and if this article turns out to be true then you are already set.
Main reason people don't use psnow is the price. So instead of 20$ a month for 500 games it would now be 10 a YEAR for 500 games...can't see how this is bad imo......if true. I Mean gta 4 is 29.99 on xbo by itself. What's 10$ for 500 games? This would destroy ms and it's bc.

Neonridr478d ago

@Kingthrash360 - 720p with lag is not my idea of an enjoyable experience :P

Kingthrash360478d ago (Edited 478d ago )

Clearly you've never used psnow.
Just looking at your comment proves you have a good enough Internet connection at home to run psnow no problem. Seeing you don't like lag and xbox has mostly online mp game....we all know xbox has the most 720p games and yet you tend to enjoy those.
It's sad how you downplay things like this.
Make all the excuses you like, at the end of the day this would be huge.

I seriously doubt it will happen but if it does then it's a great move.

ImGumbyDammit477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

@Kingthrash360 Xbox One has very few games at 720p. Don’t act like it is the norm. 900p yes that happens more often but 720p not really. And even if a game is at 720p on Xbox One it runs well as it was designed to that experience just as 900p games (just as rare) do on the PS4. Furthermore, there is quite a difference from getting small packets of info down from MP serves during gameplay then streaming a whole game. It is foolish to compare the lag that MP has compared to streaming. You really should read Digital Foundry's recent article about the lag of PSNow. Good connection does not mean lag is not an issue. And good connection is a crap shoot. It is not only about the speed of the connection but the pure quality of the connection consistency. You can have 150mbps like me but have pockets of issues. Plus, let’s not forget a great deal of the world (including parts of the US) actually have lousy internet and caps.

Now to the kicker. You are living in La La if you think this would destroy MS backward compatibility. Run locally like a game was designed to be run on the Xbox 360 (and in some cases better) with BC or run a game downgraded to 720p and 30fps max with lag with PSNow. I keep repeating PSNow was great option if you had smart TV or PSVita or those smaller devices that could be streamed to but, kind of a big letdown if you own a PS4. If Sony is ever able to get the quality of the stream to be the same as the games original design then yes it will be a great service for the PS4 and worthy of $9.99 a month. Let's not forget MS BC works universally, if you own Xbox BC game and live in France you get to play the actual game. Not so with PSNow, that same player can't get access PSNow in a place like France. There are many countries (with good internet) that do not have PSNow support. I am not saying PSNow doesn't have a place but, please don't be ridiculous with the downfall of MS BC.

As for GTA IV. It is $19 digitally. Spend $19 to get the Xbox 360 BC digital version play for as long as you like (play 20 hours this month, skip a month play another 6 hours the following month, 10 hours the next month, etc..). No additional costs. Even cheaper if I can get a disc version (just checked multiple copies for $5.99 on eBay) This especially important if that is all you care about. Because if you play more than a month of PSNow you are paying as much as getting the version you can own. Plus once again the game will play as it worked originally on the 360 not 720p downgraded graphic fidelity and locked at best 30fps on PSNow. Wait! I thought people hated always online requirements? Well PSNow is an always on requirement to play any game. To be honest. Sony has no financial incentive to give away PSNow (they didn't raise the Plus prices enough to do that).

I mentioned this on another post that Sony could actually be smart and add a couple of games in the PSNow catalog that would be free to play all month long for Plus members. Less financial risk to Sony, good will to gamers for a new game or two to try each month, plus it exposes people to the service and a larger catalog they may want to than pay $9.99/month to get full access to.

darthv72477d ago

@gumby, people hated 'always online' because it was MS that said it was going to happen. Nobody questioned if Sony would do it nor did they care at that point because all the spotlights were on MS.

Sony offers tv tv tv and always online components but Sony isnt MS so its allowed because they also provide a steady flow of games to mask the other stuff people frown upon so vehemently.

Kingthrash360477d ago

Darth....Sony has released how many games many new games this year? Yes Sony said tvtvtvtv but we've hear more about games than anything from sony. I mean really tho, Ms said tvtvtvtvtv....and has yet to deliver a consistent rate of games.
Sony didn't get away with anything. It's OK to have media in your console....I mean playsration was the first to do so with ps1 cd player and ps2 dvd......but they have always put games first.
Clearly ms didn't back then and still isn't focused on games now. Hell they released less this year than the past 4 years. Smh

Neonridr477d ago

@Kingthrash360 - I find it cute that you think I own an Xbox One. Look up my PSN ID (Neonridr) and you will see how many hours I have put into my account since I got my PS4. I actually own a Pro now if we want to be technical. I do having a W10 Gaming PC, so I guess that is sort of an MS device... but as far as consoles go, it's all Sony / Nintendo for me this gen.

And please name me a current title releasing on XB1 that is only 720p. We haven't seen that low of a resolution since the launch days and even then PS4 titles were 900p. My internet connection is perfectly fine (60 mbps). I just prefer to play games locally, instead of streaming them.

Scatpants477d ago

I play it on my computer at work sometimes. Playing through Tales of Zesteria on there now.

segamaniaco477d ago

If it hurts the ps plus, sony will know and will reverse the decision

I would like to get psn now for free with my ps plus subscription, i already bought a 1-year plan

DashMad477d ago

Yeah don't like the idea increasing the price just to include PS NOW because I have only 100GB data cap monthly with majority of them goes on watching youtube. even if sony giving me free PS NOW i will not play in it because streaming a whole game take huge amount of data.

VariantAEC477d ago

Remember the PS4 announcement when it was said that you could demo any game without dosnloading anything?
Now what good would a $20 monthly subscription be for people who want to just play a demo be?

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Dark_Knightmare2478d ago

Dude most people weren't using ps now because of the ridiculous prices so if it was included in plus that would actually be a hell of a deal

Neonridr478d ago

I still wouldn't play it. If they want to make an optional PS+ that gives you access to that at a higher price then fine. But I have zero interest in playing games at 720p with a certain degree of lag. If it's optional, then fine, but I shouldn't be forced to pay more for a feature I don't want. Seems silly. Maybe if everyone was using PS Now then fine..

stevej336478d ago

Why do people think it's going to include the entire library for $10 more a year?

lunatic0001478d ago (Edited 478d ago )

Thing are they going to increase the price to keep the service running...Sony is not just going to implement it because of good faith...I guess it all depends how.much the increase is to determine if it's good or bad

I'm there with you...if people really think they are going to implement psnow for free or 10 bucks...they are deluded

XanderZane477d ago

I doubt they will throw in PS Now with the PSPlus price. Sony would be throwing a large amount of money out the window if they did that. They aren't that stupid. Even though they don't have a huge amount of PSNow subscribers, they do have a few thousand I'm sure.

Eonjay477d ago

I think they will give away 20 hours with PS+ service instead of giving it away because it you think about it, this fulfills what you said. If you start playing it,most people are gonna see it works great and they have so many titles,you will probably (unless you are really clever) run out of time and they will catch some folks into paying for the sub. Then Sony could have a cheaper rate for Plus subscribers. Another more sneaky method would be to give plus access to a select number of games and then catch people when they see the other games on it.

rainslacker477d ago

I could see them doing a selection of PSNow offerings each month. Kind of like Nintendo is doing with their free games thing, likely with more recent games though. I would see that more as a marketing tactic to get people to try the service though, which is OK I suppose, as there is a pretty big misconception that the service is laggy and doesn't run well. While that may be true in some cases, most people that use it actually don't experience those problems.

All speculation of course. I can't imagine them giving access to the full library for "only $10 more a year". There is really no reason for Sony to do this as PS+ is their gateway for MP on the system.

Price is the biggest thing keeping people away. The rental prices are too high IMO, but the actual yearly cost isn't too bad depending on how one plays games. Not very attractive to me since I buy most of my games and have a huge backlog, but reasonable enough for someone who isn't quite as into gaming. But for those, it's a bit counter productive that they removed the hardware independence from the mix.

XanderZane477d ago

Yes, giving 1 or 2 games a month to play for FREE on PSNow would be a better incentive. Still, who really wants to play an inferior version of the game on a powerful system? Yes, the experience can be laggy and with visuals in 720P with low FPS instead of 1080P / 30/60fps. Maybe gamers overseas in foreign countries who have super fast broadband, they aren't experience much issue, but in the USA, it's pretty bad. Unless you have Verizon's FIOS or some other fast broadband service, you're going to have some lag.

Eonjay477d ago

Okay so in real life people only care about if the game look well and is responsible. It is and everyone knows that unless you need a problem for whatever reason. It's the nature of instant access that sells this thing, not your love or hate of some brand *gives Xander a hug*

XanderZane477d ago

No idea what you are talking about. What you wrote isn't even English. I don't need a hug, I have a wife for all of that. I own all the systems, so there's no love/hate for a brand.

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segamaniaco477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

PS NOW is cheaper than xbox game pass
Im seeing here, ps now costs 99$ 12 months subscription
Xbox game pass costs 120$ for 12 months

With ps now i have access to more than 500 games = tons of trophies

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zivtheawesome478d ago

I am almost sure that the update has something to do with psnow subscription. IF they will upgrade the service to support 1080p 60 and add it for ps+ it would be perfect but highly unlikely to happen.
(I can still dream!)

Gamer4life13478d ago

If they can make it where u can just download the games instead of streaming and be part of ps plus subscription then my gawd Sony just probably did the best thing they could of ever done as an update and feature For PS4. I'll gladly pay the extra 10$ if my dream can come true. Plus if this comes true man Sony just killed Xbox BC and their game pass.

Agheil477d ago

For PS4 games I can see that as a possibility of going offline but not PS3 games as that would still require the PS4 to emulate the PS3 Cell architecture.

ginsunuva477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

If you could download Ps3 games PS Now wouldn't exist yet. The issue is Ps4 cannot run Ps3 games no mater what.

And you can already download Ps4 games: it's called buying them regularly on the Ps Store.

rainslacker477d ago

I think that's a bit of a stretch. Not so much the downloading part, but the ability to play the games either through download or streaming for only $10 more a year seems like they'd lose a lot of money. At the least, we wouldn't see the whole library available through this method, because Sony doesn't actually own all those games on the service. That'd be like Steam just saying to the publishers, "we're giving away your products to promote our service". As it is now, publisher put their games on the service through Sony giving them money, or hoping to capitalize on any sales they do get....more often the former. But to give access to those games to millions of people through an almost standard service on PS4 means they'd have to spend a lot more to get those games up there.

robtion477d ago

I'm not convinced. Psnow still isn't even available in Australia but our ps+ price is going up too. I'm guessing just greed.

XanderZane477d ago

Yes, that's a nice dream.

You can't download the PS3 games, as they can't run on the PS4 without the Cell processor. Sony hasn't figured out how to emulate the Cell processor and they aren't even trying. PS4 games could be downloaded however.

zivtheawesome477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

plot twist: they perfected the rpcs3 emulator to run on ps4 :P
but yea i know that the chance is really small. huh...

XanderZane477d ago

Sony doesn't care about emulators on PC. They won't allow them to run on the PS4, same way Microsoft has removed them from XBox One. So good luck with that.

Aenea477d ago

PS Now costs a heck of a lot more yearly than €60 standalone and you think they're going to add it in for €10 huh?

Didn't get added in North America when last year the price there went up. Plus PS Now is only available in like 4 European countries at the moment...

This is not for adding PS Now...

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InKnight7s478d ago

If ps now will remain a streaming service it wont do much but only if sony swallow their pride and just make it a download service it will just beat all services that available in Gaming Industry with ps1 till ps4 games.

DanteVFenris666478d ago

Streaming has many advantages over download, no space, hundreds of games can be played instantly with no wait time, a cheap price to play hundreds of games.

As an active user of now I'm really enjoying it I'm playing games I never would have such as darkness and the Sly cooper collection

InKnight7s478d ago

But because of streaming "only" if you have good connection and you are included in the supporting list countries you will benefit it still limted to 720p.
Where as if you just sells actuall limited time games it will be alot easier for both the company (rid of server costs) and the consumers(not limited to ur connection speed).

Gamer4life13478d ago

Yeah those features are nice but not for everyone that doesn't have good internet or wants to deal with the horrible lag that you get by streaming. A good move for Sony to have is have streaming and download be available for people to choose.

ShadowWolf712477d ago

It's not about "pride" it's about compatibility. PS3 games are not compatible with PS4 hardware.

letsa_go477d ago

Weren't the vast majority of games from last gen only 720p/30fps anyway?

TKCMuzzer477d ago

Eh, don't confuse people, it ruins their argument :)

Also there are a lot of people commenting on the lag of PSNow and have never used it. I think people would be very surprised how well it works.

TKCMuzzer477d ago

And how would you run the PS3 games if you download them? The PS4 can't run PS3 software, so yeah download it, but it would be unusable.

InKnight7s477d ago

That is valid. Guess the first ps3 is the best way to do the potientials of ps now.

rainslacker477d ago

Maybe if one has a PS3 they could download it to a PS3?

Not that I think it'll happen, but just a thought.

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