Editorial: The Future of PlayStation?

What if the future of PlayStation isn't the future, but rather a recreation of the past? Cloud gaming, and a truly universal platform.

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FallenAngel1984238d ago

Sony isn't ever going to give up on the traditional physical aspect of gaming

phallusitator237d ago

I'd be ok with streaming games as long as the option exists to download a full copy and play offline. Also family sharing would be a must. I'm currently a Now subscriber and though I don't use it a lot the current $9/month price point is way better than the $20 from before. Less than my Netflix subscription.

AndreR237d ago

i would like a Playstation box where you could play every playstation game ever made and new games. And every game would be digital and you didnt have to download anything. you just played the game,

Conqueror994236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

No thanks, I dont like extra added input lag (Sluggishness) to the game I play