So far, Fortnite feels less than Epic

Eurogamer's Early Access launch impressions of Epic's Fortnite, billed as a mix of Left 4 Dead and Minecraft.

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ChrisW477d ago

I was given a free copy by a friend who bought a Founders Edition... I was considering paying for the Deluxe or Super Deluxe, but hesitated to see how I felt after a couple days. I enjoy the game, but really don't feel I like it enough to dump money into it. While the leveling system seems extensive, it's not really that spectacular. Just convoluted and forces you to upgrade pointless things to advance. Also, the game play is extremely limited. The only thing that the game really has going for it is its rather nice graphics.

SirBradders477d ago

I gotta disagree slightly although I agree with the convoluted leveling system.

I think the gameplay is far from limited but could see improvements. It's a fun mix of alot of games.

When early access is finished and the games sees a few major updates I could see this being one of the most while packaged f2p games out their.

BeOpenMinded477d ago

I'm actually enjoying it because there are so many things to level and different loot, squads, weapons etc... theres an extreme learning curve but I see tremendous potential for additional content as well

InKnight7s471d ago

I really wish they allow to craft weapons as Dead Rising and Dying Light.