8 Embarrassing Microtransactions That Were Just Terrible

8 instances where our least favorite side of the games industry reared its ugly head.

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basilboxer138d ago

The pay to win stuff is just the worst.

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Shadowlee138d ago

You had to pay $10 to access mp in uc3? 😂 smdh.

Summons75138d ago

Yeah, that was a dark time when everyone was hopping on that band wagon to try and deter people from buying used games. Buy the game new, no charge but if you buy used your SOL.

Phill-Spencer138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

I'm glad that for once the majority of gamers didn't just eat up what they got served and instead did not buy online passes in large numbers which caused ea, sony and other companies to drop them very quick.

lex-1020137d ago

It did have one benefit. Games like Assassins Creed where I didn't care about the multiplayer were now cheaper used because they didn't come with the online code.

Other than that it actually prevented me from buying a playing a lot of games.

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ShottyatLaw138d ago

It then went F2P with paywall level caps.

ND is probably my favorite dev, but that was some BS. No one should look to a shitty EA policy that even they couldn't get away with and say, "yeah, let's do that with our biggest franchise!"

Harmy666138d ago

If I remember correctly, I think if you bought the game new, it would come with a code in the box. However, if you had bought second hand, then you would either have to hope an unused code came with it, or you have to purchase one from the store. It was in a time where game developers were sick of second hand games, as they get nothing out of it. An tbh, this is one "micro transaction" that I agree with.

Developers have been quoted before, that they would much rather people pirate the game, than buy second hand, as it's an industry that is heavily affecting the game dev industry.

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narsaku138d ago

In my opinion all microtransactions are embarrassing. We used to get the shit they sell in games for free you know. It's called, "buying a product"...

Soon we'll have to pay a subscription fee just to see ending B. Just wait, because it's definitely coming. Sooner than later I'd imagine.

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Rimeskeem138d ago

The only DLC I bought has been Black Ops chronicles because it was 100% worth the money. Just boycott DLC if you don't want to see it.

Dragonscale137d ago

Not free. You still had to buy the game in the first place. True everything was included, but that was before online was a thing.

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