How to play High-Graphics games on Low-End Computers

Compromising for ultra-low settings won’t do the trick, the graphics just have to be crisp and ultra-high. How to bypass this obstacle without spending too much cash on new rigs? The answer is simple – Cloud Gaming.

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yeahright2508d ago

Maybe in the future, it's not quite there yet. Lag, latency, truly affordable, reliable high speed internet isn't as wide spread as it should be. all this will get better with time, I'm just not thinking cloud gaming has the foundation it needs to be a real option just yet.

Animosity508d ago

PSnow is garbage, on PC at least. I have a 300mbps down/30mbps up connection and generally get around 15-20 ping in most online games and the service still has such high latency it is almost impossible (definitely not enjoyable) to play anything but turn based rpgs.