Top 10 Games With Huge Hype - That Everyone Forgot About

Check out the games that Screen Critics felt had all the hype - then disappeared from gamers minds upon release.

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andrewsquall453d ago

Wow if Titanfall 1 is on there, don't forget The Divisive, Ghost Recon Badlands and Rainbow Six Newest One.

And if The Order 1886 is there (a game we all had doubts about since its gameplay debut in Jan 2014 and the first time Ready at Dawn made something based on an original brand new IP) than most certainly Quantum Break deserves to be on that list even higher as that sold far less on WAY more hype by a studio who have done that type of genre for over a decade now. Its apparent people forgot about it even at launch.

Relientk77453d ago

Didn't know Battleborn had massive hype around it

feedthereaper453d ago

Duke Nukem Forever........ the longest hyped game that had literally a decade of expectation and waiting and hype, only to end up pointless drivel.

BlackDoomAx452d ago

Still playing Battleborn, so maybe not everyone :)