Your PlayStation Plus games for August are Just Cause 3 and Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry

Your PS Plus games for August are Just Cause 3 and Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry.

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WasimAkram144d ago

Oh yeah!! Keep it up Sony. Great job

G20WLY144d ago

I'm loving plus lately!!

Mr Pumblechook144d ago

That's it, getting better! But Freedom Cry is really a DLC pack.

Kingthrash360144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

If this keeps up its gunna be a problem for ms. Third month in a row of quality.
Looks like they are doing things like they did with the ps+ last generation.

True it's dlc...but it's a stand alone dlc, which contain much more quality than regular dlc.
Kind of like uncharted LL, infamous and tlou. So it's worth it .

_-EDMIX-_144d ago


I feel if I can get 4 great games or several games that I ordinarily would have not played, I'm ok with the service for the year.

I can't explain enough just how much it means to play something that I end up liking, that I normally would have not played lol Titan Souls! I LOVE that game, played it a month or so ago and just ended up spending the whole night playing it. Moments like that are why I still keep the service. Its like...I know I'll like God Of War 3 and many other games, but some games are just not on your radar or you are just sleeping on how good it is and Plus many times has some gems that you would have not bought otherwise.

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RommyReigns144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

GwG annihilated this month!!!! Sony bowling MS for ducks like Wasim Akram!

AspiringProGenji144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

I didn't take them very serious when they said they were gonna make PS+ more valuable. I guess they are indeed making PS+ better.

That is good!
I just hope JC3 is fixed on PS4

Goldby144d ago

not 100% but better than at release

UCForce144d ago

Well, Just Cause 3 is play better on PS4 Pro with boost mode.

Palitera144d ago

I love JC, but JC3 is a very bad game. Bad controls, repetitive and uninspired "missions", bad performance.
Im glad I Just rented it instead of buying.
But as a PS+ game, Nice high profile title.

YAO-BLING144d ago

danggg, july was good but august just 1uped

goken144d ago

great offerings again Sony! PS plus has been awesome the last few months...
not trolling here but GWG offering for Xbo for july n August suck bad (june was great)

in Asia we had just cause 3 for june... wonder what we're going to get?

Stogz144d ago

For once?! Guess you missed last month too...

SenorFartCushion143d ago

I don't like adventure games. There is such a thing as taste, you know?

WasimAkram143d ago

Yes, bad taste like yours.

indyman77143d ago

For once? I guess you missed all of last gen...and the first half of this gen!

SenorFartCushion143d ago

@Wasim There is actually no such thing as bad taste. Taste is personal. It can't be bad nor good.

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fenome143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Right on, I haven't tried Just Cause 3 yet and haven't tried an Assassin's Creed game since Black Flag.

I just played through Until Dawn twice in a row to see different outcomes. Still accidentally killed a couple people I was trying to keep alive on my second playthrough :p It's actually a cool ass game, I should've just bought it when it came out.

XanderZane143d ago

Nice.. Sony is on a roll now. I don't have either of these games. What games are for PS3 & PSVita? I gotta find out.

Microsoft is starting to slip back to the Indies unfortunately.

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SkippyPaccino144d ago

Excellent for sure... Played hours of Just cause 3! Excellent game. Now I'm hopping the dlc will also be available for cheap that month.

UCForce144d ago

Ok, that's impressive line up !

XbladeTeddy144d ago

Yeah, can see Just Cause 3 being a good chill game to play when Nioh frustrates me for the 100th time and makes me want to kill something.

UCForce144d ago

Well, Nioh isn't that hard in my opinion. I understand that you die way too fast in Nioh. I think it would be a better idea to learn the game basic first before getting into combat.

XbladeTeddy144d ago

The combat isn't the problem, the bosses are.

Genuine-User144d ago

All 4 games on PS4 and Vita will be mine :D

opinionated144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

Already have both.

Edit: somebody disagrees that I have both lol. Dummy..

UCForce144d ago

Well, you have some history comments. So yeah, I'm not gonna talk. By the way, I haven't play Just Cause 3 yet. I do know the game does have technical issues, but it's seem the game is fun.

opinionated144d ago

"Well, you have some history comments."

What does that mean? Lol

S2Killinit144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

it means you troll a lot. capisce lol jk but yeah that's what it means. and lets be honest, its true.

badz149143d ago


JC3 is an OK game. But get ready for hours of installation. Easily the worst intallation time on PS4. You will be playing on the Boom Island for a very long time before you can even start the 1st mission.

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UCForce144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

I don't think you are troll. But Remember what I said about subtlety, people like you who are living way too aggressive without subtlety and others who are living way too soft without toughness. It's like people don't have self balance. Your comment history show that. N4G isn't a perfect place like you said, but it's a place where I can talk some people. Everyone have their opinion but they need to be self balance.

UCForce143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

@Frinker I don't think so. You are way too much criticism.

turab144d ago

Take another down vote. Welcome to N4G XD,

Liqu1d144d ago

Whine about pointless disagrees and you'll get more.

opinionated144d ago

Good. Downvote away, get your "i showed him" moment lmao. It changes nothing. I was laughing at how such a harmless comment got you guys so flustered. I can see why people think I'm a troll now, you guys are way too easy. I wasn't even trying and you pissants are livid.

Liqu1d144d ago

I didn't disagree. I'm telling you, since you're upset, that if you whine about disagrees then you'll get more disagrees for whining about disagrees. The fact that you're bothered by them in the first place is funny though, you're the only one "flustered" and "livid".

opinionated144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

I'm not upset at all, I find it amusing. Somebody disagreed with "already have both" because "comment history". That's pure butthurt, livid flustration and I think it's hilarious. It's not a fact that I'm bothered by them and I didn't whine once. I simply made a statement. Don't project your crap onto me lmao.

S2Killinit144d ago

For someone who is not upset, you sure do spend a lot of time arguing.

opinionated143d ago

I spent time responding to replies to my post lol... Are you upset? You responded so obviously, right?

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UCForce144d ago

Butthurt ? Really ? Not everyone have pointless opinion about you. Sometimes, you made a poor statement. You don't need to apologize what you said even it right or wrong because you don't care but you need to rethink yourself.

opinionated144d ago

How is "already have both" a "poor statement"? How did the most harmless comment in n4g history turn into a discussion of right or wrong lmao? Because butthurt my friend. I won't apologize for what I said because I didn't say anything wrong lol. My thinking is perfectly fine.

You don't agree with what I say and that's fine. You always let me know you disagree and that's fine too. Don't tell me to change because it's too much for you to handle. I don't care bro, keep that to yourself and just don't respond. Gloss over my comments and keep talking only to people you agree with in a safe space. Then you don't have to think at all.

UCForce143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Like I said before, you are way too aggressive with your statements.

RommyReigns143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Next week's main event on the N4G Wrestling Federation - A Gauntlet match where Opinionated has to face the group of UCForce, yeahright2 and Liqu1d inside a Steel Cage (Opinionated has to face all three in one-on-one matches one after the other, regardless of result). The only weapons allowed are chairs with arrow stickers on, but Opinionated is only allowed to use chairs with upvotes and the others only allowed to use chairs with downvotes (if Opinionated is caught by the referee for using a chair with a downvote sticker, he will be disqualified from that bout). If Opinionated wins all three matches he gets an opportunity to face Septic in a falls count anywhere match for the N4G Troll World Heavyweight Championship whenever he likes.

Edit - Just to inform, tyasia0 beat Moldybread for the N4G Troll Intercontinental Championship, forcing him to state 'I Quit' by submission.

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