GTAV tops UK physical game sales chart for first half of 2017

UK video game sales tracker Chart-Track does not publicly reveal sales figures - it leaves that to video game publishers. But the Entertainment Retailers Association does, and in its latest report for the first half of 2017, it revealed the top six best-selling physical games in the UK so far.

The behemoth that is Grand Theft Auto 5 is the UK's best-selling video game so far this year, with 334,280 physical copies sold. That's a pretty incredible return for a game that first came out four years ago. Who in the UK is still to buy the thing?

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moegooner88480d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn outsold Fifa ? Didn't see this coming. Rather impressive.

ModiJi480d ago

Only game in the list that is an exclusive and only on one platform. Makes the success even more impressive. Fantastic Job GG, can't wait to play the expansion this fall.

boomtube1987480d ago (Edited 480d ago )

Multiplatform games are what 95% of gamers play. No exclusives are better than CoD, GTA and Fifa. Those are big free that a modern console must have.

corroios480d ago

But, but, but SP games are dying... less and less impact. Amazing job GG. High hopes for your next game!!!!

InKnight7s480d ago

I thought rpg not a best seller and i thought only FPS are best seller.