Sony announces Monkey King: Hero is Back The Game for PS4

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia, October Media, and Oasis Games announced Monkey King: Hero is Back The Game for PlayStation 4 during Sony’s ChinaJoy 2017 press conference.

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ModiJi388d ago

Fantastic job Sony investing in Chinese market and getting exclusives from Chinese developers. PlayStation is going from strength to strength and this investement in Global talent will definitely pay off. No wonder PlayStations are the most popular consoles around the globe. Hats off Sony. Please invest in South Asian talent too.

_-EDMIX-_388d ago


looking at all the amazing games that are being made in the East Sony has made a very very solid investment.

It's really interesting to see China and South Korea being represented more by the worldwide Market.

UCForce388d ago

It's good to see more developers to join in.

naruga388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

they need (Chinese) to run a long road ahead to reach the levels of Japanese game industry but this is a good start ...i m curious to see the quality of the finalised game

pinkcrocodile75388d ago

It's a good thing. Chinese culture is far more interesting than the Japanese.

The sleeping giant is awake and just despite their dodgy views on copyright law they will to better globally than Japan in my view. Give it time.

As for Sony, they are just releasing news now, but we know all the big publishers including MS have been courting China for years. So I'm sure there will be a lot of Chinese developed games across all platforms.

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darthv72387d ago

This certainly does look promising. Im not to familiar with the monkey king story but now im intrigued.

rainslacker387d ago

Korean games do seem to have a certain flair. While very samey between them least from a single publisher, they do seem to be interesting.

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WelkinCole388d ago

Couldn't agree more. Would love to play a game develop by south Asians providing their own style and telling their stories. It will be refreshing.

XanderZane388d ago

Game looks ok. I've seen several Monkey King movies, but have never seen or played any games based on Monkey King. We'll see how it turns out when it's released. Is this even coming to the West or is it China/Japan release only?

Major_Glitch388d ago

This is why Sony is the best. Sony invests in studios world wide and provides a wide variety of games.

Ceaser9857361387d ago

"Acche din" (Good days) for Playstation @ modi ji :D :D

WasimAkram387d ago

Lol :D indeed achay din for PlayStation 😂

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TheTony316388d ago

The game looks really interesting. It's great to see Sony investing in different markets all over the world.

Fist4achin388d ago

Is this a successor to enslaved?!

Godmars290388d ago


More like Enslaved was based on Journey to the West, or the Tales of the Monkey King.

ecchiless388d ago

No is the successor of dragon ball ;)

Chevalier387d ago

Dragon Ball was also based on Journey to the West as well fyi.

ecchiless387d ago (Edited 387d ago )


/facepalm..... i know, i guess i should put something like /s after my comment, if you see the comment of godmars and the time you would know i was trying to poke fun with the stuff that is based on journey to the west, maybe i should put that awfull movie with jackie chan for reference...

TekoIie388d ago

Looks pretty cool so far. Hopefully they'll show a bit more later in the year.

Maybe a gameplay demo at PSX?

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