Mighty No 9 Backers Finally Receive Their Retro Box, And It’s Awful; Some Have Yet To Get Rewards

ThisGenGaming says "Mighty No 9 is once again in the news, and as you'd expect, it's for another comical reason like receiving a cheaply made physical box that comes with a manual that doesn't even fit inside."

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FallenAngel1984179d ago

All this bad press just makes Red Ash seem even more unlikely to actually come out

WeebLord178d ago

Considering it's aping Legends, that's a good thing.

OtterX178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

You can get Mighty No. 9 as part of the Humble Bundle right now, one of 9 games for paying at least $5.08.... and I still don't want it, lol. Too many good games still in my backlog to even bother with it.

DivoJones178d ago

So.. what did you all learn? Maybe to hold onto your money until a product is proven to be worth it? Or just the usual... nothing.

opinionated178d ago

I learned my lesson. That was the first and last Kickstarter I ever participated in.

narsaku178d ago

Getting mad at a platform for development because 1 of the teams let you down is ridiculous, right?.. That's like boycotting the console you bought because one of the first party games came out that wasn't what it was supposed to be..

If everyone thought like that, most people who bought NMS, "who can see a forest for it's trees", on PS4 would have sold their PS4 and stopped buying Sony products as a whole because the product didn't end up being what was marketed.

..Now ask yourself... With thinking like that, where would Sony be?.. Consoles be?... Gaming be?.. May as well live in a cave eating moss and hunting rabbits if humans were so fickle.

opinionated178d ago

I'm not "mad at the platform" I just don't buy games until they are done or at least have a solid foundation to show off. It's a completely rational point of view. I didn't call you an asshole for supporting Kickstarter, you should show the same respect.

yeahright2178d ago

I'm with opinionated on this one. it's the same as someone getting burned by pre order culture and then swearing off pre ordering games and waiting for reviews instead. I'm guilty of using kickstarter solely as a preorder service, I've since stopped due to coming across some horror stories so I can see where he's coming from.

The Great Melon178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Backed around 100 Kickstarters, so far the only real let downs I have had are the bigger traditional games coming from Japan. Mighty No. 9 and Project Phoenix have been two big black marks. These bigger projects balloon in features and expectations and cease to be realistic in their goals. Still waiting to see how Bloodstained turns out.

Everything else however has been a delight regardless of whether it was a game, book, film, animation, or tech.

Silly gameAr178d ago

Well, at least it came out. It could have been like H Hour and not even see the light of day. That was the first and last kickstarter I supported.

rainslacker177d ago

I supported Shenmue 3. I have a bit more faith in the developer though.

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narsaku178d ago

There is no lesson in getting burned, unless you count giving up and not living.

Kickstarter is an incredible platform that has funded many amazing titles that would never have worked being pitched to a greed giant like a publisher. It's worked in the past, it's working now, and it's continuing to fund great games going forward.

But lets take a piss on one of the only community funding options for games REAL gamers care about because occasionally things don't work out in life.

360ICE178d ago

"So what did you all learn? Never to take risks and help make something"
What a life lesson. Also, find a boring, but safe job and work there until you die.

Or, you know, make some errors sometimes on the chance that you'll hit greatness.

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GrimDragon178d ago

lol it's kind of hilarious but oh so tragic.

yeahright2178d ago

I wasn't going to touch this game with a 10 foot pole, but it's part of a humble bundle I just bought. I don't know if I even want to bother to redeem the code.

RommyReigns178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

*Comment Deleted by Broken Matt Hardy*

RommyReigns178d ago

yep, it faded away and classified itself as obsolete :D

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