Bundle This - Let's Talk About Nintendo's Gamestop Problem

HPP: Yet again, Gamestop and ThinkGeek takes advantage of people's desperation for nostalgia. They have found "thousands" of NES Classics, suddenly.

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derkasan121d ago

It's not the most fair, but it nets them a bigger sale.

indyman77121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Thanks GAEMSTOP! Glad there are other companies that have better morals.

LIGATURE121d ago

I got the switch zelda bundle and came with a free zelda watch,it was the only way to get a switch anywhere.paid 455$ in all smh😂

indyman77121d ago

You paid a extra 155 (which includes tax)? And got one game, and a watch?

LIGATURE121d ago

I was desperate to get a switch and i had an extra 600$ to blow so i said fuk it lol

121d ago
plmkoh121d ago

Well you can either pay them ~$200 with the NES and some included garbage and guarantee yourself a clean brand new console or you can pay $300+ on Ebay and risk dealing with a scalper.

indyman77121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Or you can pre pay($50) at many other big name store, and not get ripped off with either of those two choices. Try TARGET, MEIJER, FRY's.

plmkoh121d ago

The NES is discontinued, that's why Think Geek can bundle in stuff at that price. No other reputable store will have it.

yellowgerbil121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Why shop at game stop?

121d ago
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