300k PS3 units for UK at launch

The UK can expect to get 300k PS3s at launch on March 23, semi-official blog ThreeSpeech has reported.

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Antan4139d ago

Please read things correctly before posting. One million to PAL territories and out of that figure, 300K appears to be the UK`s allocation.

nice_cuppa4139d ago

sorry miss read.


bung tickler4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

so based on prior sony statments about how many systems said country will get, all of europe should get about 100k and then sony will go on to say "HURRAY! we met our goal of 100k units shipped for europe" and then pat themselves on the back just like they did for the US and japan with thier 6 million sold bla bla bla "we met our goal of 1 million shipped".

calderra4139d ago

Sadly true. Sony promised 2million for the US, and dropped it to 1million when they didn't make it. So yeah, ~150K units if history is any guide.

Now for Sony fans to come in and claim that screwing Europe with delays has been a good idea all along, when the console was supposed to launch this time LAST year.

MicroGamer4139d ago

Sorry guys, but all your PS3's are gathering dust on USA and Japanese retailers shelves. :-(

sak5004139d ago

That's 299k more than needed

Grown Folks Talk4139d ago

if by phenomenal demand they mean only a.j. styles wants 1. ;)

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